Li Keqiang arrived in Bishkek for an official visit to Kyrgyzstan and attend the SCO members of the -fkzww

Li Keqiang arrived in Bishkek for an official visit to Kyrgyzstan and attend the SCO members of the Council of heads of government meeting – Beijing, China News Agency, Bishkek (reporter Guo Jinchao) in November 2, the Kyrgyz Republic should be the invitation of Premier Genbe Kopf, Prime Minister of the State Council Chinese Li Keqiang 2 afternoon arrived in Bishkek Manasi International Airport, began an official visit to Kyrgyzstan. And to attend the Shanghai cooperation organization member states of the Council of heads of government of the fifteenth meeting. Premier Genbe Kopf at the airport, along both sides of the red carpet lined up military salute. Kyrgyzstan young flowers and Prime Minister Li Keqiang invited to taste traditional snacks. Chinese ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Xiao Qinghua also met at the airport. Subsequently, Li Keqiang attended the welcoming ceremony held in Genbe Kopf. The military band played the national anthems of kyrgyzstan. Li Keqiang inspected the guard of honor accompanied by geuns bekov under. Li Keqiang said that Kyrgyzstan neighbors, linked mountains and rivers. Over the past 24 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, bilateral relations have been developing in a healthy and stable manner. I look forward to working with Kyrgyzstan leaders on deepening bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields in-depth exchange of views, I believe the two sides will seize the opportunity to work together to write a new chapter in bilateral friendly cooperation. Li Keqiang pointed out that the 15 anniversary of the founding of the SCO, continue to grow and develop, and played an important role in safeguarding regional security and stability and promote the development and prosperity of member states. I am willing to work with all colleagues, to further strengthen the integration of interests, to reach a new consensus to release the potential for cooperation, promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields, members of the security economic and culture to a new level, realize the sustainable development of the SCO in the higher level of the. While in Kyrgyzstan, Li Keqiang will meet with President Atta Mbaye J, held talks with Prime Minister Genbe Kopf and attended the signing ceremony of bilateral cooperation documents, with the leaders of the SCO member states to jointly develop cooperation and jointly signed the relevant documents. (end)相关的主题文章: