Li Hongzhong Hebei, Baoding children fall well, we have no such hidden in Tianjin-synnex

Li Hongzhong: Hebei Baoding children in Tianjin we have no such fall well hidden – Beijing original title: Li Hongzhong Wang Dongfeng on the rural areas, dry city covers safety hazard investigation and remediation instructions inside building safety protection line out of life Liu Yakun Wei swallowed? The newspaper news (reporter Liu Yakun Wei?) the day before, Baoding Lixian County City, a boy accidentally in about 40 meters deep, 107 hours, more than 160 vehicles, more than and 500 people involved, a relay rescue still did not save a child’s life…… The evening of November 11th, party secretary Li Hongzhong to see the CCTV report, immediately made instructions: Baoding children fall into the well, we have such a hidden danger in Tianjin?! His car flip, my alarm warning, in this regard, we also need to "the case will mirror ‘, immediately carry out to the countryside, dry city covers and other similar security risk investigation and remediation in the city, exterminate engulfed the lives of the tiger’s mouth, to eliminate the threat of life safety hazard. At the same time, giving top priority to the establishment of long-term inspection and reporting mechanism, the emergency to take preventive measures." In this regard, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Dongfeng attaches great importance to the given instructions immediately, requiring co-ordination of city covers safety hazard investigation and remediation work plan for the city to carry out rural dry, rapid deployment, investigation and rectification, improve the long-term responsibility and management mechanism. According to the unified arrangements of the municipal government, all localities and departments to further strengthen the "people first", the safety of the people highly responsible spirit, quick action, rural dry, city covers and other similar safety hazard investigation and remediation, take measures to eliminate the investigation engulfed the lives of the "hukou", and effectively build a strong people’s lives and safety protection line. As of yesterday afternoon, investigation and remediation work has been started. In rural areas, dry dragnet investigation, "a well formulated a policy". For the well abandoned take a professional approach to backfill being used for water plugging, the installation of protective measures for the timely replacement of old equipment, set up warning signs. Rural pond safety comprehensive investigation without protective measures, timely rectification. The establishment of the village, town, district level three information communication mechanism, published telephone supervision, the establishment of long-term inspection reporting mechanism, the emergency to take preventive measures. Start the "case will be" mechanism, the implementation of the full coverage of the carpet of the big investigation and remediation. The city’s public security organs adhere to the case as a warning, alarm, warning ", with" security mess investigation large remediation "of safety problems, supervise the handling of the implementation of the rectification, remediation clean-up inspection and investigation of serious public security issues to deepen security mess. At the same time the organization within the jurisdiction of the territorial branch of abandoned wells, well, old damaged manhole covers, road collapse, subsidence pit without marking the other full coverage of carpet investigation, pay attention to find coal electric hot water and other municipal facilities hidden loopholes. 110 to help the police to ensure that the first time rushed to the scene disposal, timely rescue trapped in distress. First, emergency disposal, after handling rectification. Water sector under the jurisdiction of the pipeline inspection wells, rainwater manhole covers, pumping stations in and out of the water pipe manhole cover plate, along the drainage gate gate cover and other drainage facilities for key investigation. Pump station and bear.相关的主题文章: