Li Hongzhong any party secretary of Tianjin, Hubei, the current party and government leaders

Tianjin party secretary Li Hongzhong Hubei currently party leaders vacancy – Sohu news JINGWAH Times News (reporter Sha Xueliang) Xinhua News Agency yesterday released news, recently, the CPC Central Committee decided: Comrade Li Hongzhong Ren Tianjin Municipal Committee, standing committee, secretary, no longer serve as secretary of the Hubei Provincial Committee, standing committee member; Huang Xingguo is no longer a proxy for Tianjin municipal Party committee secretary, replacing Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Standing Committee and the mayor, according to relevant laws and regulations. At this point, the end of the Tianjin lasted more than two days of Party and government leaders are vacant situation. However, due to the governor of Hubei two months ago, Wang Guosheng has served as secretary of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, Hubei also appeared in the party and government leaders are vacancies. Li Hongzhong has been at the provincial level nearly 9 years to last month, Li Hongzhong just over the age of 60. Since the end of 2007 served as governor of Hubei Province, he has been working in the local party and government positions for a period of 8 years, a total of 8 months. Li Hongzhong is a person from Shandong, Changle, in 1975 when he was 19 years old in Liaoning suburb of Shenyang to participate in the work, in 1976, when he joined the Communist Party at the age of 20. February 1978, Li Hongzhong entered the Department of history, Jilin University. 4 years after graduation, the Secretary General of the office of the Shenyang municipal government of Liaoning province. June 1985, Li Hongzhong, Secretary General of the Ministry of electronic industry. In November 1988, Li Hongzhong went to Guangdong, attachment deputy mayor of Huizhou municipal government, Party members. After the former mayor of Huizhou, Party secretary. In February 2001, at the age of 44, Li Hongzhong was promoted to vice governor of Guangdong Province, among the provincial and ministerial level leading cadres. June 2003, Li Hongzhong from the vice governor of Guangdong province he served as mayor of Shenzhen, two years later he was promoted to Party secretary. By the end of 2007, Li Hongzhong from Guangdong north to Hubei, served as acting governor, and in January the following year probation. By the end of 2010, Li Hongzhong served as secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee. Li Hongzhong is the eighteen member of the central committee. After the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee meeting, Li Hongzhong and Chongqing mayor Huang Qifan to become the team spirit of the plenary session only two local officials. At present, Tianjin cadre management and the urgent need to strengthen the safety production. From the last 8? Since 12 explosion, Tianjin has more than 30 bureau level cadres sacked. The end of June this year, the central inspection group of Tianjin city to carry out "look back" since, in charge of planning the construction of deputy mayor Yin Hailin and party leaders Huang Xingguo has sacked a shoulder. And in the three days before the Commission announced the investigation Huang Xingguo, the State Security Committee of the inspection team pointed out that the safety of production in Tianjin, there are still some outstanding problems and weak links. Hubei is currently the party and government leaders in Tianjin before the appointment of the Central Committee of the party secretary Li Hongzhong, Tianjin had two days of Party and government leaders are vacant. September 10th evening 10:30, the Commission issued the Tianjin Municipal Committee, mayor Huang Xingguo alleged serious violation of the news. Huang Xingguo started acting party secretary since the end of December 2014, there have been a party for more than and 600 days. Just a day before he checked the announcement, he also attended the Tianjin city.相关的主题文章: