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"Legend" 11.18 beta version of the CG theater surging starting lead: water becomes a mermaid, not so fun! The "Mermaid" endorsement by Lin Yun, YouXi annual Masterpiece — the world’s first AIR fantasy online game "mermaid legend" in November 18th will be surging beta. The game with innovative ideas, quality of the AIR end game world view, ultra sophisticated Magic black technology engine, game player and media attention widely. Today, the game theater version of CG shock first exposure, CG extremely magnificent shock performance, people feel like being in the theater, the blue sky, the ship ship, or heard the roaring sound of the waves, and wrapped in a thick murderous family in the sea waves, the waves from the earth, a thousand. The war is going to erupt! Are you ready? "Mermaid legend" official website of > > > "mermaid legend" 11.18 beta CG complete release peak [surging ocean waves] quiet Cang Zaixian "mermaid legend" subversion of the traditional game world, with a new perspective for the game player, carefully crafted out of a mixture of fantasy world of good and evil, right and war. The exposure of the game CG through the rich lens language, depicting a pale – World Ocean surge high and sweep forward the glittering above the sea in a huge sail away from steam ships, push, people naturally live in the image, long hair girl thoughtfully, overlooking the sea, at the helm of youth and short hair girl with a smile, a second is so quiet and beautiful, the sea suddenly one earthquake, Johnson family surf and blood, the sword fighting wanton swirling, accompanied by drums intensified, P plot, characters of every moment expressions are deduced so delicate, let a person feel like as personally on the scene in the Hollywood blockbuster this world also for the "mermaid legend" world view opens a new page. The peak of CG release complete quiet ocean waves Cang Zaixian peak CG complete release of ocean waves and lift the quiet Cang peak CG full release quiet buzz in the pale ocean waves close to 1 minutes of CG movies, Giotto, Evan, the warrior mage Ravel, gunmen Norma four occupation to fight alongside, P story, whirling. The killing of the war, for the development of the game story buried a foreshadowing of how? Why did the sea people start war after a thousand years? Why the unfortunate drowning La vir can become a mermaid? All these answers will be in the "mermaid legend" in the game as you announced one. The peak of CG release complete quiet ocean waves Cang Zaixian peak CG complete release of another wave peak quiet Cang ocean CG quiet ocean waves released Cang Zaixian [fantasy game story movie "Mermaid" secret past] now, most of the world view of the game is a figment of architecture, many are relying on the idea of planning to continue the story the content, but the "legend" view of the world is not the case, in the plot, and the Stephen Chow movie "Mermaid" is dealing and wonderful, fill the blank of the movie "Mermaid" before the story, the hitherto unknown world view blend people find everything fresh and new feeling. ".相关的主题文章: