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Law of collective voice: Network about cars limit the household is neither reasonable nor legal source: legal law for the first time on the net net about car rules collective voice hukou restrictions models is neither reasonable nor legitimate recently, Chinese economic law society organizations "economic law forum 30" in the first period, the special seminar about car network management problems. The study included in the Chinese Academy of sciences academic support program, but also the legal profession of the new car network about the first collective voice. The legal profession criticizes some city of network about car control thinking, and reach a consensus on some issues of principle: on the net about the implementation of household car access restrictions and vehicle restrictions, is neither reasonable nor legitimate "about new car" should be produced in the scientific and democratic legislation in the process should be based on the competition; thinking about guiding the development of network car rules, respect for the market, let the market to make a choice of taxi operation mode. Clarify the net about the new deal around the goal of the introduction of the network about the car policy objectives? From the current Beijing Shanghai and other places of the draft, in addition to solve people travel, the government also considered environmental protection, safety, regulation goals, and travel is not a priority. "When the value orientation is added to a detailed rule, the basic objective is diluted." Analysis of Professor Liu Jifeng China University of Political Science and Law School of civil and economic law, if there are multiple policy objectives, should make clear the basic goal and auxiliary goal. Only under the premise of not interfering with the core objectives, and as much as possible to support the secondary objectives. Not this specification can solve the problem that auxiliary target, for example, the environment problem is a system engineering environment, only to limit the network about the car to complete the task; moreover, the security problem can be achieved by strengthening the monitoring measures and deterrent force; also, the scale of the city should be from the macro city development planning on the coordination and regulation system design. These are not limited to the network about car market access methods can be achieved. Network about car rules should be mainly for the network about the car market allocation of resources to monitor. Peking University Law School Professor Shen Kui also believes that the current regulatory network about vehicle regulations and policies, should be based on the rational allocation of resources, promote the industry upgrading. Respecting the market function of the car about the market competition law research center of Peking University professor Xiao Jiangping analysis, since the end of 1970s, China’s reform through the road, is a market-oriented road. But horizontal observation, the degree of marketization of the transportation market is far less than most other markets, especially in the taxi market. In fact, since 1990s the taxi market reform but is repeatedly germinating, stagnant water ripples. The inherent resistance of the taxi market reform is greater than other markets. In recent years the network about the car, and finally to the strength of the market from the outside has started the reform of taxi market, and the formation of market competition, consumer choice, multiple price shows some characteristics due to the relationship between supply and demand of market economy as a whole. On the travel market, especially the taxi market and other markets will be slightly compared to find that the difficulty of the reform of the taxi market, not the particularity of the market itself, but the inertia of both the interests of the mechanism. Respect for the broad market相关的主题文章: