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Lawson’s new contract salary guarantee for non season Rockets lost 12 million lightning break + no solution to dribble Lawson of North Carolina College sports highlights Tencent September 2nd hearing before the Rockets master Lawson has officially signed the king, finally found a job. According to the latest media reports, Lawson’s new contract details exposure, is a non guaranteed veteran minimum contract. Lawson joined the team in 2012, Lawson and the Nuggets were in advance of the contract, the two sides signed a 4 year total value of $48 million full security contract. According to the contract, Lawson in the 2016-17 season salary will reach $13 million 200 thousand. But in the summer of last year, Lawson was abandoned because of the problem of drunk driving, the team in the draft pick to pick up Mudie, ready to train him as the main control point. In this case, Lawson’s position is awkward, if rely on the Nuggets, he will probably be in limbo. At this time, coincides with the rocket thrown olive branch, willing to exchange Lawson. At that time the Rockets just into the Western Conference finals, with harden and Howard in the team, has a very good competitiveness. If you can get Lawson, rocket number one strength increased, running smoothly, the team has a chance to hit the championship. For Lawson, this is a rare opportunity, he is expected to change their occupation career trend. But taking into account Lawson’s off the field problem, the Rockets also suggested that the transaction can be, but Lawson must be the last year of his contract salary changed to non security. In order to facilitate the transaction, Lawson agreed to this request, as he did to the Rockets, and Lawson was in the golden age, he has confidence in his strength. But the day is not as good as people count. Came to the Rockets after Lawson and harden no chemical reaction, the whole team is very unusual, coach Mchale was fired early exploits. After only 12 games, Lawson was relegated to the bench, and the Rockets cut him off because of the lack of trade. After Lawson joined the Pacers, the performance is also very mediocre. Thus, the embarrassing scene appeared. Lawson was not only a loss of $13 million 200 thousand in salary next season, and he into the free market after No one shows any interest in. Until the end of August, Lawson and the king finally reached an agreement, he signed a "humiliating" contract. According to the American basketball reporters, Lawson is a veteran of the new contract salary contract, the total value of $1 million 300 thousand. It must be pointed out that this is a non guaranteed contract. If Lawson has an injury later, the king can immediately choose to cut him, without having to pay him any salary. From this can receive a salary of $13 million 200 thousand, up to now only get a basic salary of non guaranteed contract, Lawson lost $11 million 900 thousand, he had apparently made an unwise decision. Fortunately, Lawson was not yet cornered when he had the opportunity to prove myself again. (Sean) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: