Land Rover Street explosion cited speculation that the details of the police did not disclose traces clonecd

Land Rover Street explosion cited speculation police disclosed no details explosive trace – Beijing Beijing in September 17 Langfang Xinhua (reporter Song Mintao) the evening of August 30th, the explosion occurred in a black Land Rover SUV in 102 State Road Hebei Sanhe Dingfu Village intersection traffic lights, after the video was online forwarding, triggered public speculation. The evening of September 16th, Hebei province Sanhe police released the findings of a vehicle tire burst, then the public opinion was questioned. 17, 2009, the reporter interviewed the police involved in the investigation of the accident, traffic police and accident parties. 17 afternoon, the reporter interviewed the owner of Land Rover liu. Liu recalled that at that time is to attend a dinner dinner dinner together by a friend Zhang driving his Land Rover car himself, sitting in the passenger seat. "Vehicle emissions for 5.0T, may friends on the condition not too familiar with the green light at after the oil is too large, excessive speed, speed up immediately lead to a blowout accident." A detail owner Liu told reporters that the left front tire is put on temporary spare tire. Liu introduced, two days before the accident, the left front tire, temporarily put on the spare tire, the tire is an old two years ago tires have not been used, changed after the car alarm system, haven’t been able to repair, replacement, until the accident happened. Hebei province Sanhe Public Security Bureau official micro-blog "Sanhe peace" on the evening of 16 released the results of the police investigation: 22:11 in the evening of August 30, 2016, a black Land Rover SUV in 102 National Road traffic lights Dingfuzhuang Village intersection explode accident. By the Sanhe Public Security Bureau scene investigation and investigation, confirmed that the accident Land Rover SUV left front tire burst, causing the car hit the road in the middle of the isolation barrier, tire debris caused by two passenger cars driving relative damage. Accident, the Land Rover driver, 1 passengers suffered minor injuries. Reporters noted that the micro-blog has 5 comments as of the evening of 17 more than a thousand, most netizens commented that the "explosion screen be quite different findings and network transmission of video on the left front tire", even questioned whether there are other explosives cause. In this regard, Land Rover owner Liu said, he was sitting in the copilot position, when the accident occurred, in addition to tire, the airbag also exploded, his ears were just shaken up, no big deal?. Driver Zhang leg fracture, the scene also shed blood. Whether there may be other explosives inside the car, or be placed a bomb, Liu said is groundless statement, I do a little business, and people, and there is no dispute and accounts for the CIA, speculation was very puzzled. After the accident, the police dispatched police police Sanhe not only the crime scene, and even sent the police investigation into the cause of the accident. Sanhe Public Security Bureau of Interpol battalion 17 PM Tang Liandong told Beijing reporters, said, "after the accident, we have doubted whether there is a possibility of human vehicle accident placed explosives, so the criminal investigation department is also the first time involved in the investigation, the Criminal Police Brigade police conducted a check of the burst point on the vehicle even the car, with a crane hanging up view, found the chassis intact? No explosion inside the car did not find traces of confetti,)相关的主题文章: