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Land consolidation for Ningxia poverty alleviation "blood transfusion, road – Beijing land consolidation for Ningxia poverty alleviation" blood transfusion, Lu CNR net Yinchuan on November 11th news (reporter Xu Sheng Xu Xinxia) 60 year old sea treasure is Ningxia Fujian Ningxia Yongning County Zhenyuan long village, a relocation of poverty 4 years ago. Let the sea treasure to the annual income of million yuan from the hungry stomach, changed one family life. In Ningxia, there are many like sea treasure as a result of the relocation of poverty, and out of the mountains to well-off families. If the relocation of poverty has brought new life to the immigrants, then the land remediation is to open the door to poverty alleviation. Ningxia is located in the west of China, the natural environment is bad, water resources are scarce, the economy is not developed, and the poverty population is relatively concentrated. The sea treasure home to open the town Qingshi Village 7 groups, in Yuanzhou District of Guyuan city in May 29, 2012, the entire village moved to Fujian Ningxia Zhenyuan long cun. Bluestone village is located deep in the mountains, the villagers have lived in the cave dwelling. Qingshi village branch secretary Ma Yuhua’s words, before you can eat a full stomach is the best life, and later in the government’s organization, the villagers moved to Yinchuan, became a city. Life now that a Western style." It is understood that Ningxia started the ecological immigration land remediation projects in the "12th Five-Year" period, the total construction scale of 321 thousand and 800 acres, plans for resettlement of 83205 people in poverty alleviation, Tongxin County, Yanchi County, Yuanzhou District, Xiji County, Longde County, Jingyuan County and other crucial areas carried out 17 remediation projects, added a total of 50 thousand and 400 acres of arable land 66950 people involved, resettlement. According to the Ningxia Department of land and resources of farmland protection department director Li Shaojun, the land consolidation project of ecological immigration immigration implements "moving out, live firmly, gradually become rich" goal, project to reduce past barren desert wasteland now grass trip, channel Chang Road, sand, farmland effectively protect farmers. Now, living in the sea treasure electricity through water brick house, his son working in Yinchuan, grandson also can go to the life, light of heart from care. Then moved to the town of Fujian Province, each of the villagers assigned to the replacement of arable land by land remediation. The treasure of a coastal state through the land, home to flow to the nearby Wine village, will receive an annual return. At the same time the sea treasure and his wife in the busy season, you can also give the winery work, one day earn 80 yuan per person. Life is more and more Bentou, Haiguo Bao said: "now life is getting better and better, as long as diligent, you can get rich!"相关的主题文章: