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Kuang’s point: price of sell orders zapan silver oil Qi diving gold 1332 empty Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! News: gold and silver gold prices yesterday ushered in our long-awaited slump, finally triggered a broken bits, trends become more clear. A large number of selling emerged arch-criminal this fall, but tomorrow’s Yellen hawkish speech, will be the final trump card showdown battle. Last night, there is a EIA on the crude oil inventory staged, bad, again below the breakdown K line, and we successfully expand the decline, both gold and silver oil high, finally draw a perfect ending. Today continue to see Jiepan policy update: for a week bearish gold and silver has encountered numerous shouted many voices, but eventually we did not waver, gold technology disk N repeatedly departure, failed to usher in a significant reversal, prove the pressure at the top is very strong, while the bottom has no significant support, the pros and cons, we see at a glance, those who want to get rich hunters, has a very narrow space, micro rose a few dollars, almost enough of your fees, so the operation above we feel that if you don’t catch the direction, because you would miss the best luck Bo rebound vent point. This week, several classic tips, 1344 empty, and yesterday the 1334 empty, is a perfect transaction and a big profit. Classic layout. While crude oil yesterday also caught up with EIA in the footsteps of bad venting, so it is still relatively smooth, homeopathic light make sense here does not say, this is what we insist on bearish reasons, and today’s technology continue to refer to the following: Gold Disc: by early yesterday the United States that provided higher vibration, and a large number of sell orders zapan lead to technology oriented short party Powei down more than 15 dollars or more, we think should have to wait until after the emergence of hawkish remarks this fall, but the play is staged in advance, this is not a bad thing, at least you can make those bulls sound, quiet a little. After K below average support blue breakdown, no obvious support, weekly also prove safety mark for the 1300 area, operation of the above style remain unchanged, rebound venting, continue our homeopathic style, not any single Bo rebound, the price to 1332 line hourly rail line. Crude oil: early strategy, contract 10 is not as usual, prices, but has become the important diving remains the same, regardless of the usual technology in the face of a strong face, EIA suffered the same trend as gold farming, so we had to bow, originally is also optimistic about the rebound in prices, staged in the EIA before the induced behavior, if the first down, then we must resolutely bullish, data released early is the first rise, the intensity is still good, this situation has been flattering, bold empty can, so yesterday the 47.3 empty, a minimum of 46.45 just good harvest wave today rebound, and the synchronous operation of the layout of gold and silver. Silver: in the early morning, in the trend of this tangled trend, we reduce the short silver line layout, 1相关的主题文章: