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Knife [exchange] soccer SMG recommended: Italy wins for the 2018 World Cup European zone qualifying common game tonight to continue, then draw the home court of Spain, Italy and Macedonia will visit to a showdown. Italy is currently 1 wins and 1 4 points, goal difference reasons behind Spain, ranked third, the last game in Italy against the Spanish home court, the final two teams of 1 1 shake hands, in this game, the European Cup outstanding Pelosi Rhine dissatisfaction was substituted by refusing to shake hands with the boss, though after the regret, but was the Italy national team temporarily removed, then yinmobilai possible lineup. In addition, the Chiellini red card in the Israel game, with Spain in the game, coach in the halfback position with Rome gnoli, although Chiellini had lifted back, but the poor performance of the last two that he is unlikely to get the first opportunity, if Rome gnoli continue to gain trust, also be not at all surprising. FIFA Macedonia in October rankings, ranked 146th, as an array of minnows, but there is a Italy and inextricably linked to the star, that is played for Pan Defu international in Milan, as the Macedonian striker, Pandev was for the task of the national team rattling, defensive game in the face for Italy, Pandev can make a difference is a big attraction. Historically, Italy and Macedonia have no record, the game will be the first time the two teams meet. The disc guest Let the ball half water level slightly opened, shortly after the shock, the overall trend of stable, compensate, mainstream company negative for all below 1.30, but the SMG wins odds was significantly higher than that of William, Ladbrokes and other companies, irrational. On the whole, I am afraid that the game will encounter no small test Italy. More color information and recommendations, please pay attention to the knife sinks App view. Recommended: the home team transferee (knife exchange)相关的主题文章: