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"King of Shanghai" new stills exposure Hu Jun era legend entertainment Sohu – pack deduction Shanghai Hongmen helm – changlixiong (Hu Jun ornaments) Hongmen second generation at the helm – Huang Peiyu (Qin Hao ornaments) Click to enter [HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by the famous director Hu Xuehua, Hu Jun, Yu Nan, Rhydian Vaughan, Qin Hao Li Meng, Ling Bai, Liu Peiqi, Cao Kefan, and other powerful actor starring gangster saga "the Shanghai kings", following the closing of the nineteenth session of the Shanghai International Film Festival released a version of the poster after kings ", once again exposed a group of photos show. In the movie, "three one" around Hongmen characters related to collective appearance, family portrait form, show the film perplexing figure, and in early twentieth Century in the Shanghai times surge high and sweep forward, this mysterious city legend, unique gang culture. All gathered in Shanghai hurricane acting revival interpretation of the era legend legendary movie gangster "Shanghai king", in early twentieth Century in Shanghai as the background, tells the story of Hongmen boss changlixiong (Hu Junshi), union representatives Huang Peiyu (Qin Haoshi), Hongmen member Yu Qiyang (Rhydian Vaughan ornaments), the three generation of "king of Shanghai" and Wonderwoman Shen Song a laurel (Yu Nan ornaments) between the bizarre twists and turns, the legendary love and hate. In the exposure of the stills, all in the first generation of the king of Shanghai Hongmen changlixiong under the leadership of the collective appearance. Hongmen family portrait, changlixiong in the nave, although zhengjinweizuo was furious by the sword eyebrow dark wrinkled, knees, like yiyanbuge can set off bloody; second generations of the king of Shanghai Huang Peiyu, heroic, and sharp eyes but with a slight haze, seems to have hidden Jing day plan, alliance secret mission for him, and what give the freemason and even the whole Shanghai, bring what kind of change? The third generation of the king of Shanghai Yuqi Yang, though now only a small gate attendant, but will be in the future time and in homeopathy, all-powerful. In addition, the young Laurel (Li Mengshi) and a building industry Hongmen "at the helm of the new Daiyu (Bai Lingshi) into the first generation of Shanghai Wang Shi changlixiong, not only show the new love, old love identity, also hinted at them in a long time in the future disputes. In particular, Li Meng played by Yu Nan, two young adult Wonderwoman period, Shen Song of a long time across the Bay, and witnessed the freemason three generation king of Shanghai, in the big background of fame surge high and sweep forward ups and downs, but also the achievements of his legendary life. Cao Kefan played by the freemason touts, is not only the three generation of the king of Shanghai to assist the Hongmen Freemason think-tank, the Hongmen dilemma, power, situation, reasonable known retreat, is a well versed in the arena of moral and conduct of the person of wisdom. The age of legends to create subsidiary gangs of Shanghai golden age "Shanghai king" director Hu Xuehua devoted ten years of effort to polish the script, not only in the final film lines, language, clothing on the scene very local characteristics of Shanghai, will be more from the Qing Dynasty, the Beiyang government, the government of the Republic of China, historical changes in Shanghai unique "gang culture" show the most incisive. As director Hu Xuehua said, the old Shanghai is the adventurer’s music.相关的主题文章: