Kidney Transplantation Surgery In

Health Today India has be.e the most preferred destination for international patients. This is due to high quality and affordable kidney failure treatment which is carried out by highly skilled medical professionals. They assure timely care with respect to early detection and prevention of renal problems. The success of kidney transplantation in India is quite high and among the best in global platform. Kidney Transplant Centers in India The kidney transplant centers in India surgically remove the damaged kidneys and place the healthy ones into the patients body. This functioning kidney or graft can be carried out from a brain dead person that is not related to the patient or from the donors that are known to patient. The former one is known as cadaver transplant and carried out for person with .plete kidney failure. The related donor has better possibilities of the kidney that will biologically match to the recipient. The surgical procedure to remove a kidney from the living kidney is known as Nephrectomy. Laparoscopic Nephrectomy is a type of minimally invasive surgery in which the instruments are long with narrow rods to view, make an incision and to remove kidney. Pre-transplant Evaluation This starts with pre-transplant evaluation of the donor and recipient which is done by a team of qualified and experienced professionals. In this surgery special attention is paid to the donor to ensure that he or she is perfectly healthy at the time of donation. Then evaluation is carried out for the potential recipient, adequate dialysis and then it is brought to optimal stage to resist the major surgery. Post-transplant Care After the surgery, the patient is taken to a detached post-transplant unit in which nursing care is carried out to minimize the risk of cross-section. The patient is closely monitored to ensure that the new organ is recognized by the body and he or she is put under optimum immunosuppressant medication. If conditions are stable then most patients are discharged by the fifth day. But before this, they are advised regarding the medications which they need to take including the precautions they need to take in respect to diet, lifestyle changes and important things to follow post surgery. Why to Go for Kidney Transplant? Kidney transplantation is carried out on patients that suffer from chronic kidney failure or at the end stage of renal disease (ESRD). It is a kind of disease in which the kidneys are no longer capable of performing adequately to remove the fluids and wastes from the body without properly maintaining certain kidney-regulated chemicals in the bloodstream. An important point to be noted is that without proper long-term dialysis or kidney transplantation , ESRD proves to be fatal. 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