Kidney Failure In Dogs – Is Dog Food A Death

Pets Kidney failure is when your dog’s kidneys can no longer effectively function. The job of the kidneys is to filter waste from the blood. When your dog suffers from kidney failure, his kidneys are unable to remove the waste from the blood properly. The waste builds up and your dog gets very sick. Age is often thought to be the cause of kidney failure in dogs. However, while age may play a part it may not be just that the kidneys are getting old. Through the years, you may be feeding your dog the same food. Food that is loaded with harmful agents. All those years of eating the wrong food may be what is really causing the kidney failure. However, due to your dog’s advanced age, it may just be attributed to age and not looked into further. Studies and New Information Do you really know what is in the food that you are feeding your dog? Did you know that low levels of cancer causing agents, like BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin are allowed in dog food? Did you know that the effects of such agents have not been tested as to what happens with long-term exposure? Dog food ingredients are often contaminated with various harmful things. Toxins, cancer causing agents and other harmful things are often found in dog food. Revealing these harmful substances has resulted in many products being recalled time and again. What This Means for Your Dog When your dog is eating contaminated dog food or dog food with who knows what in it for years, these harmful contaminants and substances build up in your dog’s body. The kidneys take the largest amount because they are the part of the body where contaminents and waste go to be filtered. The body is unable to flush harmful substances which then build up in the kidneys causing the entire system to be.e ineffectual. This is what can lead to kidney failure. What This Means for You As a concerned dog owner, you likely now want to know what you can do to prevent your dog from eating harmful food. The best thing you can do is to start being a smart consumer. You have to start reading labels and asking questions. You can no longer go the store and pull a bag of food off the shelf. You need to do your research. Stop letting big manufacturers put your dog at risk. Take a stand. Only buy foods that have high quality ingredients. Only buy from manufacturers who are truly concerned with your dog’s health. Do not opt for dog food that will result in making your dog ill. Remember that your dog relies on you for everything. It is your responsibility as a dog owner to make sure you are doing everything you can to make your dog’s life healthy and happy. To help prevent kidney disease in dogs, start by paying attention to your dogs diet. Dogs with kidney disease are generally suffering pain and in great dis.fort and nobody wants their dog to go through that. Be a smart pet owner and do your part to prevent kidney failure in dogs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: