Junior high school boys school hair comb out after the alarm short (video) winpm

Junior high school boys school hair comb out after the alarm short vice president of Guangxi Wuzhou middle school is forced to long haired boy Haircut find people watching the Yangzi Evening News Network August 30th news (reporter Pei Rui (micro-blog)) recently, Nanjing Qinhuai police such annoying alarm. On the first day of school, a third day after the boy was shut out of the police to ask for help. Police arrived and found that the boy was carrying a head and shoulder to school. Eventually, the police will be the boy received a barber shop in the area. The morning of August 27th 8 o’clock, call the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Qinhuai branch Hongwu Road area police station received a school grade students, said the first day of school, the teacher would not let him into the campus. After receiving the alarm, the police station immediately before the incident to understand the situation. Police rushed to the scene found a handsome appearance, a backpack student standing at the school gate. See the police came, Zhang Tongxue told the police, the first day of school, school reports, but the teacher told him because the hair is too long, it is not allowed to enter the school. After police observed that the manly junior male students have left a head and shoulder hair resembles girls. Zhang Tongxue told the police, because the summer vacation has been at home, it did not take care of their hair, today, a school forgot to put the hair repair. Looked at the door was shut out of the students, the police immediately contact the child’s parents, parents expressed the hope that the police can persuade the child will be short hair, the police and the student after the exchange agreed to hair short. After half an hour to cut long hair Zhang students accompanied by the police successfully entered the school. The school teacher told the police, the school is not to embarrass Zhang students, just let Zhang students will be too long hair cut, and then school reports. And the first day of school, students should be in a new face into a new round of learning, especially those who are going to take part in the examination, but also need to have a positive state of mind.相关的主题文章: