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Julian Cheung exposes the whereabouts of being sold: feeling privacy was violated Julian Cheung attended the event Sina entertainment news artist [micro-blog] [] (Julian Cheung) and former news anchor Qi Qi Qi attended the activities of skin care products. Recently often fly away on a business trip, Julian Cheung found someone to "sell" the whereabouts of his micro-blog: "probably dozens of pieces of a message, I would tell you which take flight, followed by at least 2, 30 fans. In fact, sometimes I travel so fast that they can’t stop to talk to them and take pictures." A number of telephone number Julian Cheung admits the move caused a degree of inconvenience to himself: "feel the invasion of privacy, had tried to open. To tell the truth, even in Hongkong, I would leave my phone number. Once fans call me with my chat, said his restaurant is good, call me more care!" He said that he has always had only one mobile phone, so he decided to set up a number for public service. When it comes to online financial problems, Julian Cheung said: I will only go home in the Internet, change the password once a week, to change their own sometimes do not remember." After the completion of the event, he flew to Shanghai, video variety show to teach Acting: This contestant is very clever, a lot of students are performing arts." (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: