Jose armed to the target of the U.S. for the first time a strong comeback – Inner Mongolia

Jose armed to the "target" of the U.S. for the first time   a strong comeback – Inner Mongolia Channel – picture US Navy said on 12, two from the Yemen rebels control missile into a day of the United States deported the waters near the ship, the event did not caused by U.S. personnel injured. According to the United States saying, this is the implementation of the task of the Red Sea in a week second times and two times at a missile, a missile believed to be from the same piece of Yemen rebels control area. In response, the U.S. military launched 13 morning cruise missiles destroyed the coast of Yemen, the radar station 3. [two] "harassment" of the United States Navy officials said 12 earlier in the day, the USS Mason found two ships flying missile. At that time, the ship "Arleigh Burke class destroyer?" is near – sea – Mandeb waters and the "Ponce" amphibious dock landing ship together to perform routine tasks. Fortunately, two missiles were not met. The U.S. Department of defense confirmed that the USS Mason indeed suffered cry, but the ship was not damaged, no one injured U.S. personnel. Department of defense official who declined to be named, said, Mason destroyer was launched a ship based defense measures, but it is unclear whether the missile fell into the Department of defense measures to deal with. The United States believes that, with the same day a few days ago, the missile fired from Yemen’s anti-government armed control zone. This month, 9, Mason destroyer in the same waters to carry out the task of "escape" the two missiles, was also launched a ship based defense measures. [first] back at 12 hours after the incident, the U.S. Defense Department spokesman Peter? Cook confirmed in a statement, in response, US cruise missile attacks in Yemen coastal areas, by Jose armed control of 3 radar stations. Cook said, the United States President Barack Obama in the defense minister Ashton?? Carter and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Joseph Deng Fude suggested? Authorized under this action. According to unnamed U.S. officials say the missile destroyer at 13 am local time 4 when the U.S. "Nietzsche" ship launch type Tomahawk cruise missile. Preliminary evaluation results showed that the radar station was destroyed, "he said," by this limited, defensive attack, to protect our personnel and ship (safety) as well as in the important sea lanes free navigation." According to Cook’s view, in the future, the United States will also be any response to the threat of the U.S. Navy ships and commercial flights to be appropriate. The Associated Press reported that this is the first time the U.S. military suspected of armed control targets for the implementation of direct military strikes. For the U.S. approach, the armed aspects of the armed forces has not yet responded. In September 2014, Yemen Jose armed seizure of the capital Sanaa, and occupied the southern region of the country, forcing President Abdullah Bbu? Mansoor? Hardy fled to Saudi arabia. In March 2015, the Saudi led multinational coalition launched a military operation named "decisive storm" for the armed forces of the armed forces. In July 2015, support for Hardy’s government forces and tribal forces in the multinational coalition air support相关的主题文章: