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Joker is tailored to the dilemma of   no fans spend money — Guangxi channel, for its original title: Joker is tailored to fans for their money dilemma don’t fancy you are such a Joker! This idol aired on Friday. "Sauce", Joker on-line program group cheeseparer "Xue boss" tailored on the "money" dilemma, but did not expect blown out of a big man There was no parallel in history. terminator! With Joker borrow money? Throw you twenty thousand don’t need to return! When you borrow money and "cheeseparer" Joker, how he will react? "Idol on the sauce" for "Xue boss" set up such a dilemma: "never pay back a friend with you borrow two hundred thousand, lend him two hundred thousand or send him twenty thousand do not return?"" In the face of a "never repay" friend, "said Joker waved his hand to send him twenty thousand, not!" So the heroic Joker, let Li Yong shocked, said "greedy Xue boss"? How to say "good bargain master"? Sure "Xue boss decided to send the money the answer, the spirit of" to do "the principle of" Idol "on the spot, neither should paste the program group finance, Joker deduction twenty thousand yuan fee. To see their idol service fee to evaporate twenty thousand, Joker fans call love. But Joker only said one sentence: "do you think this person, I will lose?" Then he signed his name on the contract. Will make money, make money, in the face of friends is so generous, never fade "piece king" label Joker is this loyalty king! He has absolutely no cheeseparer fans as he spent a lot of money for their money to Joker unashamedly: "I always! It! Is! For! The! Money! Money can do what you like!" But in the face of fans, Joker became that money with "macho", and almost harshly fans were not allowed to spend money for myself. "Aunt" on the interview process idol sauce, Joker sensitive to find the next shot live on mobile phone, the man immediately became serious: "is this you live in? Which platform is the live broadcast?" Hear live without charge, the Joker talent relaxed: "because I don’t want the audience to spend money, if they like what, I do not particularly want to, as long as without this OK." In addition to not live, Joker "macho deeds" is good, for example, never allow their own songs in the music charge on the client, "do not want to, don’t make the money." The concert free tickets, and have been free to; even when it is advised that fans "do not buy" EP, "the only song song, go online to listen." In the three generations of the stars today, so that the initiative to save money for fans of high quality idol can fight? In addition to the money, "Idol" should also make more sauce. Spicy for Joker, sexologist Li Yinhe also presented on the spot of science books, "besieged on all sides", wit: the boss is how to deal with? Open Youku video, watch it! 薛之谦被量身定做两难问题 不许粉丝为其花钱–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:薛之谦被量身定做两难问题 不许粉丝为其花钱   想不到你是这样的薛之谦!在周五播出的《偶像就该酱婶》中,薛之谦上线,节目组为爱钱如命的“薛老板”量身定做了关于“钱”的两难问题,没想到却炸出了一个史无前例的大男子主义终结者!   跟薛之谦借钱?甩你两万不用还!   当你和“爱钱如命”的薛之谦借钱时,他会如何反应?《偶像就该酱婶》为“薛老板”设置了这样的两难问题:“一个从来不还钱的朋友跟你借二十万,是借给他二十万还是送他两万不用还?”面对一个“从来不还钱”的朋友,薛之谦大手一挥地表示“送他两万,不用还了!”这么豪气的薛之谦,让李咏都惊呆了,说好的“贪财薛老板”呢?说好的“还价高手”呢?   再三确定了“薛老板”决定送钱的答案后,本着“说到做到”的原则,《偶像就该酱婶》当场请来节目组财务,扣除薛之谦两万元出场费。看到自己偶像的劳务费要凭空蒸发两万,薛之谦的粉丝直呼心疼。但薛之谦只说了一句:“你们觉得,这个人我会丢吗?”随后潇洒一笔在合同上签下了自己的名字。会赚钱、努力赚钱,面对朋友还如此大度,想不到褪去“段子王”标签的薛之谦是这样的义气王!   他爱钱如命 却绝对不许粉丝为他花钱   对于自己的金钱欲,薛之谦始终底气十足:“我!就!是!为!了!钱!有钱才能做自己喜欢的事!”但面对粉丝时,薛之谦又变成了那个随手撒钱的“大男子主义者”,而且近乎严厉地不允许粉丝为自己花钱。《偶像就该酱婶》采访过程中,薛之谦敏感地发现了镜头旁边做直播的手机,整个人马上严肃了起来:“您这是在做直播?请问是哪个平台的直播?”听到直播不收费,薛之谦整个人才放松了下来:“因为我不想让观众花钱,如果让他们点赞什么的,我特别不希望,只要没有这个就OK。”   除了不做直播,薛之谦的“大男子主义事迹”还多得是,比如从不允许自己的歌在音乐客户端上收费,“不希望,也不要赚那个钱。”演唱会免费放票,而且有一直免费的打算;甚至在打歌的时候,都是劝粉丝“不要买”,“EP的歌只有几首,去网上听听看就好。”在追星穷三代的今天,这样主动为粉丝省钱的优质偶像可以来一打吗?   除了金钱问题,《偶像就该酱婶》还为薛之谦量身定做了更多麻辣问题,性学专家李银河还当场赠送性学书籍,“四面楚歌”之时,机智薛老板是如何应对的?赶紧打开优酷视频,观看《偶像就该酱婶》。 (责编:周雨乐、许荩文)相关的主题文章: