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Jinhua 6006 people attended "the most stringent national examination of these cheating sentenced to the central organs and institutions directly under the 2017 annual civil service examination subjects written public (" test ") will be held during the national unity. The national examination, a total of 1 million 486 thousand and 300 people through the qualification examination, an increase of more than last year by 91 thousand and 700. A total of 55107 candidates in our province, located respectively in Hangzhou, Ningbo, or Wenzhou and Jinhua four cities. By then, there will be 6006 candidates in Jinhua, compared with last year, an increase of 1000. It is understood that the Jinhua city a total of 5 test sites, 201 sites were the examination room, Jinhua Technician College (Jinhua Bada Road No. 228) south campus, north campus, Jinhua Polytechnic (Jinhua Wuzhou Street No. 1188) east teaching building No. 1, No. 1, West West Building No. 2 teaching building. Subject of examination time for the morning of November 27th 9:00 ~ 11:00 administration occupation ability test, 14:00 PM to 17:00 shanghai. The Municipal Office of personnel exam exam number due to remind more sites to prevent and disperse, can not find the sites and traffic congestion and other phenomena, especially in the field of candidates candidates are advised to carefully reading the ticket information in advance to the center of the field view familiar with the examination room, and choose suitable locations near accommodation, to ensure on time in written examination. At the same time, because the center parking difficulties, please try to take a taxi, bus and other public transport arrived, so as to avoid traffic jam impact test. At the same time would pay attention to food hygiene, pay attention to rest, adjust the examination mentality. It is reported that this exam is the new version of the civil service exam discipline violations approach after the implementation of the country’s first test, some media with the most stringent to describe the severity of the discipline of the country test. Once the subject to touch the discipline high voltage line, will face severe punishment. The criminal law amendment collusion cheating / tikao serious cheating or will not apply for a lifetime in November 1st last year, the formal implementation of the "clear" (nine), statutory national examination including the recruitment examination of civil servants, and organize the implementation of cheating on the examination to be included in the crime, the circumstances are serious, three years more than seven years of fixed-term in prison, and fined. The eve of the examination of the country on the eve of the beginning of October 1st, the Ministry of human resources and social department issued the civil service exam discipline violations approach formally implemented. According to the regulations, applicants have collusion or participate in organized cheating, instead of others or make others instead of their exams and other circumstances are especially serious adverse effects of irregularities in the examination process, by the central administrative department of civil servants or the provincial administrative department of civil servants to give the treatment to cancel the qualification exam, and credited to the the integrity of the civil service examination archives, long-term records. Some analysts said that this provision also means that the exam will never be a serious violation of the civil service ranks. Bring out the examination papers and answer the bell after the end of civil service examination results invalid according to the "disciplinary violations approach", the candidates have one of the following acts in the examination process, the time when given the subject (session) with the examination results invalid. This.相关的主题文章: