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Ji’nan 76 year old man bought 180 thousand "medicine" to pay the light on – Beijing home Ji’nan railway dormitory No. 137 the 76 year old Mr., treatment for 78 year old diabetic wife, believed the name "Beijing Tongrentang" under the banner of the so-called "famous old Chinese" telemarketing, from May to the middle of the Mid Autumn Festival, the gentleman altogether to "Tongrentang" to buy a full 180 thousand yuan of "medicine", heap size of 30 square meters, living room full. A liar is full of tricks: cut insoles dressing, American water foot bath…… Until that Mr. spend all his savings and pensions are unable to pay the fees, he realized that he cheated. At present, the gentleman has been called the police. Around mid May day, the man suddenly received a strange phone, before he could speak, the phone will bring him and his wife’s name to say: "it is not that Mr and MS, I call them." The gentleman listen to each other to say his name, even though I had a little whispered, but the mouth still said "". "That’s right, you are not living in weft eight road × × × × × dormitory, his wife is still suffering from diabetes?" The gentleman, the information is accurate, they ask who is who. "I am the director of Beijing Tongrentang diabetes rehabilitation center, Tongrentang is now developing a new method for the treatment of diabetes, the treatment of your wife’s diabetes has a good effect, I suggest you try." The other end of the phone said. "I don’t need it now. Let me think about it." The music director Mr declined, but this has begun to relax vigilance. Subsequently, the music director said a few kind words also hung up the phone. Half a month later, the director of music called the gentleman again. "My teacher He Dongsheng is the Beijing Tongrentang diabetes well-known old experts, not only to the leadership of Beijing to see a doctor, also enjoy the State Council allowance, recently going to Ji’nan held a seminar, only 5 places to see a doctor. I can tell from the last conversation that you have a lot of faith in the church, so I really want to give you a great opportunity to treat diabetes." Music director said. The original is Mr. Beijing, and later moved to Ji’nan for work, really believe Beijing Tongrentang, listen to the music director said, the teacher had already begun to hesitate. Through the music director Mr. tone judged him psychological has changed, so what the teacher told him Strike while the iron is hot., tomorrow will personally call him. On the second day, he really calls. "I’m 13 years old Chinese medicine, at the age of 16 to join the army, and later as a doctor in the central health administration, your wife ill I watched many times from 1999, she had diabetes, pain and suffering are almost 30 years, I will be able to cure her, the thousandsof chance you can not miss." He said to the teacher. The thought of his wife Mr. these years by eating hypoglycemic drugs and insulin injections to relieve pain, these methods palliatives, now wife body is worse, a sick person, he can not help but sad. "Well, if you catch.相关的主题文章: