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Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital: stay time can take pictures of the Sohu maternal time must be in the growth of the baby as catalyst, every minute he changes in your arms, yesterday is still crying baby, as if suddenly walk run yesterday; you still hope he grow up, today you begin to miss him all day long stick your time. Catch up with the pace of growth is the first baby mom and Dad, walk for the first time, the first run, dreamlike growth, a time of the story. This is a beautiful story, but it can not be completely shot with a camera; this is an unforgettable memory, but it can not become a movie screen. Every parent wants to leave the one and only children mark, how to catch up with the growth of his footsteps? Focus on women’s health, you can also join the women’s health group, speak freely, exchange ideas, let you become a senior treasure mother healthy woman. Q group: 424940962. The perfect combination of magic camera and stereo calendar this photo, you do not want to give the baby to shoot it, make a calendar on your desk, in the busy work, look up to see the baby warm smile, want to see the baby, no longer simply using a mobile phone, but into stereo the photos, even if the work tired, even if there are emotional distress, will instantly calm! Just like the baby in the side, with his work. The system is wonderful, Sanya family trip shoot come and get the seventh session of the national health cup "calendar baby contest, in accordance with the packet mode will automatically sign, baby 12 groups, each group is the highest number of baby baby will climb in the calendar 2017 calendar new year health! With the top twelve, in addition to the first calendar baby birth 132 constellation baby, will receive a personal calendar Oh! Not only that, by ha ha Loo loo Korean children photography provides thousands of children photography package, treasure Mart international Yunying thousand dollars worth of blue space provides two generation disinfection cabinet, health beauty hospital provides thousands of beauty package! As long as you participate in the competition, these prizes are you! If the total number of votes first, your baby is a baby calendar champion! Will get Sanya family trip shoot award, is not fond of it? Come up Sanya! Family trip shoot (not including air tickets and accommodation costs) or 5699 yuan worth of photography series full of vitality and play off the canvassing game how can no off canvassing game! During the game, every Saturday and Sunday we all prepared for you a nice and fun game, food production, when the baby, baby car. Hush, don’t say very much Oh! Can tell you, really super fun! In a contest, you can participate in the game, not only can get more votes, as well as exquisite gift to you, don’t hesitate! Mom and dad come here 1 WeChat registration registration: focusing on China Health circle WeChat public platform reply, "calendar baby" to enter the registration interface, fill out the information, you can sign up! 2 state health circle APP terminal registration: scan code two, download the health circle APP, click on the table Calendar baby menu entry interface, 0相关的主题文章: