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Jiangsu largest cheating case: there are VIP candidates from the national Sohu News – Gunmen Gang established Education Consulting Co., Ltd. opened the "official" website, set up QQ group, hype and show off cheating illegal experiences, and claimed to take the exam pass rate is very high in the company registration. More than 500 candidates in each exam for gospel truth, pay costs thousands of dollars to several thousand dollars, the gang recruited teicoplanin gunmen in the country, and specializing in the development and modification of wireless transmission, APP mobile phone software, rice headset cheating equipment, look forward to "make a big fight". However, all of their illegal acts, has long been mastered by the police. September 2015, Jiangsu City, Nantong police cracked a national construction division exam cheating case, arrested 27 suspects, involving more than 500 candidates. This is the case of cheating in the recent years, the first investigation contains the complete help test black industry chain of interest test, Jiangsu province is the largest investigation to help test case. The "Legal Daily" reporter from the Jiangsu province Nantong City Chongchuan District People’s court was informed that in November 25th, the hospital of first instance verdict, the defendant Hemou guilty of illegally obtaining state secrets, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for 6 months; the defendant Wang and other 26 people guilty of illegally obtaining state secrets crime, were sentenced to 2 years and 6 months to 9 months, suspended for 1 years in prison, while prohibiting the defendant in a season, Lee and other 6 people during the probation period, related activities engaged in education and training. The company website cheating gang leader to go around the recruitment of gunmen defendant Hemou had illegal help test criminal record, later opened a website called "Nantong Parkson Education Consulting Co. Ltd.". The site is a big hype and showing off cheating on exams, claiming that it is a very high pass rate. The first half of 2015, Wang Mou, 27 defendants were organized for profit, Bozhou, Yunnan candidates in Anhui Kunming, Shandong Linyi, Shandong Dongying and other places in the center of the exam, in September 2015 the national "constructor" examination, and ready to use cheating method to help students pass the exam, be Nantong police destroyed in one fell swoop, the case was a sensation throughout the country. The police investigation found that Hemou by Nantong Parkson Education Consulting Co. Ltd and QQ group, planning and help test institutions for cooperation, in September of that year’s national "constructor" qualification examination in the "fight", large-scale organized cheating in the examination activities. In the meantime, he frequently fled in the domestic provinces and cities, looking for the national "constructor" exam questions, finally in Hubei Wuhan contact with Wang, agreed to buy the examination papers to. Hemou and Shandong sunshine Zhou, Chen, Jiangsu, Suzhou, who plans to buy a collective contribution to the capital, but also went to Shandong sunshine and Zhou and other organizations to discuss the gunmen answer questions. Dozens of offline agents responsible for the recruitment of each exam fee of up to several million cheating activities are largely through subordinate agents "admission", therefore, Hemou hold hundreds of ten.相关的主题文章: