Jiangsu Nantong cracked the largest test cheating involving more than 500 candidates-ekdv-273

Jiangsu Nantong cracked the largest cheating case involving more than 500 candidates in February last year, the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment Gao Xionghua found in the work, illegal help test criminal he opened a company called "Nantong Parkson Education Consulting Co. Ltd." website, openly flaunt their experience of crime of cheating in the exam in the company, claiming to enroll in various types of exams will be "by the high rate of". The police investigation found that the company does not provide formal Parkson test counseling and training, but the organization of the province to the provincial examinee registration, in different places to participate in various national and provincial level qualification examination, and signed the so-called "package agreement with some candidates". That task force investigation, Hemou is planning and help test institutions for cooperation, in September of that year’s national construction qualification exam in the "fight", to organize large-scale cheating activities. He frequently flows in domestic provinces and cities, for the national construction division examination questions, finally in Hubei Wuhan contact with Wang, agreed to buy the examination papers to. Hemou and Shandong sunshine Zhou, Chen, Jiangsu, Suzhou, who plans to buy a collective contribution to the capital, but also went to Shandong sunshine and Zhou and other organizations to discuss the gunmen answer questions. What is a master number of ten downline agents, mostly through the exam cheating activities "admission", its subordinate agency under a strict specially for the Gang development and modification of wireless transmission, APP mobile phone software, rice headset cheating equipment. In September 16, 2015, Nantong police deployed more than 100 police officers 8 zhuabu, traveled to Hubei, Shandong, Anhui and other places to carry out the work, the group decided to build a "exam third subjects after examination focused on the net in September 20th, 8:45 to carry out unified arrests. Finally arrested 64 suspects, seized 1070 sets of equipment of cheating, destroyed the illegal help test institutions seized 36, involving more than 530 yuan, involving more than 500 candidates. It is understood that the case is the case of cheating in the recent years, the first investigation contains the complete help test black industry chain of interest test, Jiangsu province is the largest investigation to help test case. In the case of successful detection, prevention involved more than 500 candidates for cheating muddle may form the potential harm. In May this year, Nantong City Chongchuan District People’s court hearing the 27 suspects involved in the case, the case will choose a sentencing date.相关的主题文章: