Jia Jinglong, the murderer, was executed-candle june

Murderer Jia Jinglong was executed in Beijing in the death penalty – Xinhua news agency in Shijiazhuang on 15 November, the 15 day morning, Shijiazhuang City Intermediate People’s court in accordance with the president of the Supreme People’s Court issued the execution order according to the murderer Jia Jinglong execution. Before the execution, the Shijiazhuang intermediate people’s court in accordance with the law arranged Jia Jinglong met with their relatives. The defendant Jia Jinglong guilty of intentional homicide case, Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City Intermediate People’s court in November 24, 2015 verdict, intentional homicide and sentenced the defendant to death Jia Jinglong, deprived of political rights for life. After the verdict, Jia Jinglong appeal. Hebei Provincial Higher People’s court in May 17, 2016 made a second ruling, rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict, and shall report to the Supreme People’s court. Confirmed by the Supreme Court for review: because the defendant Jia Jinglong in 2013 in Hebei province Shijiazhuang city Changan District North Village Renovation when home demolition of the village Party branch secretary and village committee and any Jianhua (the victim, who died 55 years old) and produce a grudge, the idea of revenge he jianhua. Jia Jinglong in advance for the purchase of three nail gun, a simulation pistol, nail and nail shooting bullets, etc., and the nail gun was modified, test. In February 19, 2015 4, Jia Jinglong from the rental office is located in Changan District Huashu pharmaceutical factory on the north side of the red flag open their own car, came to the North Camp Village gathering will be near the scene, the car after a good walk back to the rental office. 8 pm, Jia Jinglong carton with three nail gun and a pistol walk to the gathering at the scene. 9 Xu Jia Li went to He Jianhua after death, with a nail gun shot at the back of the head of He Jianhua shot, causing brain damage due to the death of the rescue after the death of He Jianhua. After that, Jia Jinglong drove the car parked in the vicinity of the scene to escape. The Supreme People’s court held that the defendant Jia Jinglong intentionally deprived others of life, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional homicide. Jia Jinglong was on 2013 their homes being taken dissatisfaction, namely deliberate retaliation, buy nail gun and refit and test, after a lapse of nearly two years, in 2015 the 1th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar the village Party, the victim He Jianhua using a nail gun killed, crime is extremely cruel means, extremely bad social impact, great personal danger, extremely serious crimes and should be punished according to law. The judgment of the first instance and the judgment of the second instance are clear, the evidence is true and sufficient, the conviction is accurate and the sentencing is appropriate. Legal procedure of trial procedure. Accordingly, the Supreme People’s Court of Hebei Province Higher People’s Court upheld the first instance of intentional homicide and sentenced the defendant to death, Jinglong, criminal ruling deprived of political rights for life. In the process of death penalty review, the Supreme People’s court fully protects the defendant’s right to defense, such as Jia Jinglong. The death penalty approval issued after the ruling, because the defendant relatives and lawyers objection, the Supreme People’s Court on the case facts, evidence, sentencing review again, that Jia Jinglong approved the death penalty ruling is correct, according to the law on the execution of Jia Jinglong.相关的主题文章: