Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party held a meeting to determine the term of office of the president ext sayu-02

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party held a meeting to determine the president to extend the mandate of the 3 session of the 9 – year Beijing, Beijing, 26 October Xinhua comprehensive Japanese media reports, 26 this month, the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party, the party and the political system reform executive headquarters held a high-level meeting, decided to limit the president office "2 term 6" extended to "3 Term 9 years" plan, after the local time in the afternoon held a meeting to seek the implementation of the headquarters. According to Japanese media reported earlier, in the 26 days after the summit, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party will be held all the members of Congress, including the party headquarters meeting, and General Council members agreed to obtain approval, will be officially revised constitution in March 2017 under the party conference. It is reported that Abe Shinzo, if the constitution was modified, has been elected 2 times from September 2018, on the expiry of the term of Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo will be president of the election of the party again, and continue to serve as prime minister. The Japanese Prime Minister by the ruling party as the leader, there is no limit to the Prime Minister of Japan’s constitution. Japan’s Kyodo news agency said Andouble is currently under the absolute dominance of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party tend to rely more and more dependent on the Andouble. Previously considered after Abe era Party candidate Shigeru Ishiba and Kishida Fumio in the "general" before their silence. In addition, taking into account the ruling party of Japan’s political pattern group have obvious advantages, the opposition Liberal Democratic Party has been weakened, such as to continue to ensure the status of the ruling party, Andouble will continue to re-election in 2018 more than two post of prime minister and party leader after the end of the term, and will be after the end of the cold war the longest serving Prime Minister of japan.相关的主题文章: