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Japan’s auto repair factory washing sludge radiation exceed the standard concerns the five anniversary of Japan earthquake in 2011 on the occasion, the Kyodo news agency released the Japan earthquake and comparison chart in March 1, 2016. Local time on March 10, 2014, Fukushima, Japan, the 3.11 anniversary of the earthquake on the eve of the media personnel are allowed to enter the tsunami was seriously damaged by the nuclear leakage of the Fukushima nuclear power plant visit to visit the 3. In November 6, according to Japanese media reported 6, 3 Japanese auto industry group said the car wash sewage purification tank in Fukushima automobile repair plant have been loaded, part of the sludge internal deposition was detected the activity of radioactive material over the national standard (designated waste per thousand grams of 8000 Becquerels) more than 7 times the maximum value about 60 thousand becquerel. Reported that the material is estimated to be in Tokyo electric power company’s first nuclear power plant accident shortly after the accident attached to the body. Plant maintenance to prevent sewage tank overflow and implement artificial fishing operations, industry group, worries that "potential health hazards", but the central government and TEPCO take countermeasures in the accident after 5 and a half years never. 3 industry groups are the Federation of automobile sales associations of japan. There are about 1700 repair plants in Fukushima, car wash sludge is estimated to have thousands of tons. Other facilities to provide car wash services may also exist sludge problems. Although the decontamination of industrial facilities seems to lag behind the residential and public facilities, but will be required to implement the measures as soon as possible. Repair factory site also placed sludge storage containers appear insufficient, industry groups are summarized new first private intermediate processing factory plans to cover the whole territory of Fukushima Prefecture, and the province has stepped up environmental negotiations. 1700 maintenance plants to obtain national certification, subject to strict drainage restrictions, in the ground and other places to set up to prevent the car wash sewage straight row, the capacity of about 1 tons of purification of the oil and water separation tank". The accumulated waste water can be discharged after the precipitation of harmful substances. Third party sampling test results obtained the Kyodo News Agency (November 2014), from 36 separate tank sludge detected the activity of radioactive material is 57400 Becquerel, which has a half-life of 30 years, the activity of radioactive cesium 137 Becquerel 43200. There are more than half of the 19 separation tanks exceeding the national standard. After sampling inspection, there is also the sewage from the full load separation tank reverse flow caused by the maintenance plant. The implementation of further investigation found that at least 115 plant maintenance appears full, and about 200 plant maintenance dredging sludge into the container with a long spoon kept and the number of vessel maintenance plant reached 200 and no place. 3 industry groups from October 2012 to the central government and the East repeatedly petition, but as of now there is no progress in the past 4 years.相关的主题文章: