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Japan’s "Nodame" Juri Ueno can’t cook burst with her mother-in-law out – Juri Ueno and her mother-in-law out of Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news the day before, the Japanese "Nodame" Juri Ueno in May and the 11 year old rock band TRICERATOPS lead singer and guitarist and Sang Tian flash marriage, friends and fans blessing. However, in the past 4 months, she was burst because the little cook, so as the Japanese chefs mother-in-law Hirano Mizumi (REMI) was not very satisfactory, the relationship between the two is very good. It is reported that, although Juri Ueno and her mother looks very good feelings for reimei, but the fact is not the case, informed sources claimed that Hirano Mizumi used to visit Tian son and sing the workplace, and chanting said: "I can help you find a good wife." Pay special attention to the other half of his son will do cooking. Just did not expect his son before deciding to marry, will bring his wife Juri Ueno in front of her, and she learned that the woman will not cook, but also inevitably disappointed, and even feel that his son was cheated hand. Before the law both on the show together, Hirano Mizumi said his son in the presentation, did not know Juri Ueno, do not know each other is a star; did not think now Juri Ueno replied: " I don’t know who is miss reimei. " and all the people will be dumbfounded.相关的主题文章: