Jaguar Land Rover test includes avoiding red light autopilot Technology yezimei

Jaguar Land Rover test includes avoiding red light autopilot technology, like many car manufacturers, Jaguar Land Rover is also developing automatic driving technology. But Jaguar Land Rover is not the focus of the human driver out of the cab, but to develop a specific function to help humans better driving. The company recently tested a number of features in a UK science park. The features of the test include highway assistance, electronic emergency brake light assistance, green light optimal speed recommendations. Similar to the Autopilot system of Tesla, Land Rover Jaguar highway auxiliary system so that the car can automatically and automatically keep the overtaking lanes in the highway, the driver in this process does not touch the steering wheel and pedals. The other two features will be used to connect the vehicle technology. Sometimes it is the communication between the car and the car, sometimes the communication between the vehicle and the transportation infrastructure, which makes the vehicle collect information from the surrounding and transmit them to the owner. In the case of an emergency brake assist, for example, the current car slammed on the brakes, and the driver because of the weather and other reasons can not see the front of the car from the brake lights, electronic emergency brake light auxiliary system will be given to the driver to remind. Green light the best speed recommended system can help solve a lot of drivers are eager to know the problem. From the literal sense, it will be calculated to avoid the red light the best speed. Jaguar Land Rover says it will help improve traffic flow and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In the next four years, Jaguar Land Rover will build a test vehicle to test these systems and other systems.相关的主题文章: