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It is an important method of self-cultivation theory – original title: it is an important method of self-cultivation for Party members and cadres, Shendu is to do without supervision, face the temptation not only not overstepped, and do not want to "go one step beyond". Party spirit education is a compulsory course for the Communist Party of self-cultivation, but also the Communist Party’s". It is an important method of self-cultivation of the ancients. Unlike the ancients of self-cultivation, China Communist Party attaches particular importance to the transformation of the subjective world in transforming the objective world, but also an important method to strengthen the party the party spirit. The Communist Party discipline, is to be in awe, holding a ruler, cautious Shenwei, diligent self-examination, to comply with Party discipline, do clean government. The requirements in nobody supervision do not make mistakes, that is Buqianshi. "The doctrine of the mean" said: "the gentleman is cautious about what he does not see, the fear is not heard. Don’t see implicit, Mo obviously micro, so the gentleman carefully its independence." Here the "invisible" "not heard" "essay" is "darkroom", can do Shendu, is an important distinction between a gentleman and a gentleman, because whether it is in the "light" or "dark" can be the same outside and inside, what. To ensure to make no mistakes in the absence of supervision "darkroom", must be in "darkroom" maintain a "cautious" and "fear" mentality. For Party members and cadres, is to be cautious when no one supervision. First of all, I want to say. No matter in eight hours or eight hours, whether public or private party, whether it is in front of the leader or face the masses, can have a big mouth, do not speak the occasion, no sense of propriety, not forget, with special words and vulgar words. Secondly, to carry out. Even in the individual work, no supervision, and do all kinds of bad things when possible, can also be cautious, not do anything bad. Party members and cadres to be honest, to be an honest person, not for words, speeches are not in accordance with action, regardless of "not have luck. As the saying goes, "if you don’t know, unless you are not," you should be aware that the result is often unlucky. In recent years, we can decrease cadres’credibility phenomenon in some regions and sectors, one important reason is that a small number of cadres become "both sides", on stage and the two image, poison the social atmosphere, damage the cadres image, tarnished the reputation of the party and the state. To do in the absence of supervision to maintain a kind of "caution" and "fear" mentality, an important way is to cultivate the fear of Party members and cadres. Because only fear, can do something. Zhu Xi notes in "the gentleman cautious not to see what his fear, not smell" said: "the gentleman is the fear of the heart, although not knowledge, also dare not neglect, so save the state of nature, and not from the moment are also made." "Respect" is an important method of Confucian self-cultivation, "said Confucius Zhichi, Cheng Yi proposed" conservation should be used to enter in the evening". At the same time, Confucianism also speak of "fear", Confucius said: "the gentleman has three fear: fear of heaven, fear of adults, fear sage words. Destiny without fear of the unknown villain, sex with adults, insult sage words." The reverence of Confucianism is a kind of profound understanding.相关的主题文章: