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IPhone review of the history of which one of the most memorable? Sohu digital [mobile china news] over the years, Apple’s past product advertising language is also a focus of attention of many people. Although some of the slogans have been due to the poor translation we Tucao endless, but most still can be called classic, it is worth the domestic mobile phone manufacturers to learn from. This morning, apple officially released iPhone 7, the latest advertisement has announced "iPhone 7, then, I do not know can in the advertisement ranked a few? The original version of Apple reinvents the iPhone English: phone; This is only the beginning. Chinese version: Apple redefined the mobile phone, this is just the beginning. IPhone  3G The first phone to English version: beat the iPhone; The iPhone you have been waiting for. Chinese version: the original iPhone can beat the first mobile phone, this is what you’ve been waiting for iPhone. IPhone  3GS English version: The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. Chinese version: by far the fastest and strongest iPhone. IPhone  4 English version: This changes everything.Again. Chinese version: once again, change everything. IPhone  4S English version: The most amazing iPhone yet. The most amazing iPhone. IPhone  5 English version: The biggest to happen iPhone to since iPhone thing. The biggest ever changed iPhone. IPhone  5S English version: Forward  thinking. Chinese version: the most advanced, unprecedented mobile phone. IPhone  5C English version: For the colorful. Chinese version: born colorful. IPhone  66 Plus than bigger. Chinese English version: Bigger version: not only on high. IPhone  6S 6S Plus English version: The only that is changed everything. is Chinese version: the only difference is different everywhere. IPhone SE English version: A.相关的主题文章: