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Investment express] IT orange October 25th included 28 investment acquisitions – Sohu technology content of this article comes from IT orange daily risk investment courier public account. More visible IT orange master investment data content of the plate, the global Internet industry investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions. – domestic events – 1 for software was 25 million A round of financing for software is a VR search solutions provider, to provide a full platform 3D interactive 3D mobile VR field, covering the case of virtual reality, augmented reality, AR custom micro Loushu display solutions for real estate companies. The company recently announced the completion of 25 million A round of financing, lead investor by Everest, core state with the vote. 2 wine flowers 15 million yuan Pre-A round of financing wine flowers is a craft beer review class App, focusing on craft beer and social comment as a starting point, with a fine beer, is committed to the promotion and development of craft beer culture, belonging to the Shanghai craft Mdt InfoTech Ltd. The company recently received 15 million yuan Pre-A round of investment. 3 micro know the software get $30 million B round of investment micro know the software is a comprehensive human resources service provider, including personnel agency, personnel dispatch, payroll outsourcing, one-stop comprehensive human resources services, under the flag of supply and demand of human resources service platform VIPHRM. The company recently received $30 million B round of investment, financial investment led by Jingdong, IDG capital, force investment, Chung Hua capital, investment capital with cre. 4 letters received 30 million yuan A round of investment to express is a provider of enterprise reimbursement, expense management solutions based on mobile Internet service provider, Beijing Si Information Technology Co., the company’s products. The company recently received 30 million yuan A round of investment, the investment mechanism of DCM, this round of financing will be mainly used for product development and market development, and strive to create a gateway connecting enterprises express consumer market and financial reimbursement management will be easy. 5 Mustang finance was 5 million yuan Angel round of financing is a new financial media financial Mustang a focus on finance, the financial sector, which owns a number of new financial media projects, involving commercial reports of listed companies, information and Internet financial information, the new Mustang’s website, with horse finance, School of business, the new Mustang Mustang the media’s platform, and Mustang e financial business forum. Recently, Mustang finance was 5 million yuan Angel round of financing. 6 wisdom tree for over 350 million yuan B round of financing wisdom tree is a MOOC online course platform, providing online autonomous learning discussion, classroom interaction, cross live support services and credit degree. Recently, the wisdom tree was over 350 million yuan B round of financing, the investor is Sina micro-blog. 7 fire acting millions of dollars to get angel investment fire is an artist performing online booking platform for users to create a safe and secure and convenient, with a price star appointment booking platform, let the world is not difficult to reservation here相关的主题文章: