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.puters-and-Technology .pared to other industries, the retail industry is one such industry where one can see more direct customer contact. Hence, providing good customer experience is of paramount importance as it benefits the retailers in two ways. Good customer service provides retailers the opportunity to meet new people and exceed customer expectations every day. When the customer service is good, the customer feels valued and keeps repeating his/her visits. Not only that, he/she would re.mend it to others thereby bringing in hundreds and thousands of new customers. Hence, retailers have to be careful when it .es to customer experience. One false move or a single instance of bad behavior and the retailers lose not just one customer but several hundred potential customers. Today the retail industry scene is fast undergoing changes thanks to the massive adoption of consumer technology such as Facebook, smart phones, and digital music. The retail industry has never been driven by consumer attitudes, trends, and economic vitality as it has been driven today. Hence, there is increased pressure on retailers to meet the changing demands of the customers by creating better ways to serve consumers with innovative solutions that create value, improve consumer experience, and increase loyalty. As technology advances, the consumers expectations from the retailers also undergo changes. They demand access to service through online, mobile, and social media. A global leader, who offers intuitive customer service software and services, understands the predicament of the retailers wanting to meet the demands of the customers but do not have the means to do so. The customer experience solutions providers help large retailers increase sales and deliver superior customer service for their customers, shoppers, and members. For instance, by deploying customer service applications, a major US online retailer reduced its cost of operations by 68% and brought in $12 million of additional revenue, while at the same time improving customer satisfaction scores. As part of improving the retail customer experience, the customer service applications utilize customers data in real time to maximize revenues by automatically identifying high-value shoppers across channels and deliver seamless concierge-style assistance. By improving sales-through-support experiences, they make service a revenue-generating channel. The following are some of the apps offered. Inventory Check Product Troubleshooting Returns & Exchanges Rewards Program The customer service software improves consumer experience by leveraging big data analytics, intuitive design, and a learning platform to simplify customer service and make it easier for consumers to get things done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: