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In an interview with the R and J Luo Ma: without fear of the main competition goal FA Cup title [super hero] Martinez: Ronaldo is the idol is my duty to help the team win the Li Xu this is a long overdue interview. In late August, Suning home court 2 to 1 victory over Beijing Guoan season double play opponents scored twice, Roger · Martinez (R) indisputably elected the round of the super hero. However, due to the intermittent season Martinez was selected for the Columbia national team, the interview had to be postponed so far. Before the July landing in R, Ma did worry, came to the Far East country will be bleak prospects of their national team, "it takes two days from South America to China one-way, coach will not consider the impact on the players." However, on behalf of Suning in the first game with two goals, 7 league games with 8 goals and 3 assists in Houston’s performance, not only conquered the new owner, naturally difficult to let Pekerman completely indifferent. When asked about the Tencent sports stars J Ronaldo in the national team’s position, on the face still hung with a shy smile Martinez suddenly became serious, "we are attacking, there are competition relations in the national team, I feel good." The field performance of the higher light, around Martinez’s message more troubles, Suning has Milan to the outside world for the 22 year old player for the future fall into a reverie. "At least for now I don’t know any European club invitation to me," he said. "I am very happy with the situation and want to stay in China for a long time." In an interview with the "super hero" sports Tencent R horse running in the team scored zero is a liability of Tencent Sports: a month before the home court with the national security of the game, you scored two goals to help the team 2 to 1 victory over the opponent, remember that match your goals? R horse: of course, that game played more difficult, strong national security. We lost the ball, we can help the team to win and win, very happy. Tencent Sports: in fact, both sides this season first round hand, Teixeira had to eat a controversial red card caused skirmishes between the players before the game that scores? R horse: I don’t know, because I haven’t been in the team yet. But as a player, any game is to go all out to treat. Tencent Sports: in fact, you come to the first game there are two goals, what is the secret of the team so quickly? R Ma said the goal is a responsibility R horse: although it is the first time to play China, have not entered the new team, but as a striker, it takes forever with confidence and the desire to score, should be said that he was lucky the first game scored. Tencent Sports: so far only 7 league goals scored in the top 8, satisfied with their performance? R horse: came to Suning, for all aspects are very satisfied. The club is very strong, has a lot of good players, whether it is internal or foreign aid. It’s like home here. As a foreign aid, I know my responsibility is to score goals and help the team win the game. The League lost Shenhua deep impression guarin professor Moreno experience in Tencent: Suning sports franchise so far which match the impression.相关的主题文章: