Internship is not full on the resignation of graduates, flash speech should be more

Internship is not full on the resignation of graduates, flash speech should be more rational internship left without full. "Internship not full left, go to work less than half a year for work, work flow batui……" Some of the recent recruitment website released the workplace "flash speech survey data show that more than 30% of the graduates in the entry to resign after two months, first-tier cities graduates" flash speech accounted for over 50%. Among them, catering, entertainment, medicine, sales and other entry threshold is low, the workload of the industry is a flash off the hardest hit. The annual graduation season, there are millions of graduates leave school, in a year as a year of "the most difficult job in the context of public opinion," employment first, and then choose to become graduates creed. However, "a job" and "an ideal job" after all, there is a gap, not up to the expected salary, the job is too tired, interpersonal relationship is not good, do not feel the space of development, each one can become the new people in the workplace "yiyanbuge quit" reason. In my opinion, graduates flash speech has a deeper reason. One is the theory of knowledge in school and not on the job practice needs, easy to have the work frustration; the two is the modern young people grew up in a more tolerant and superior in the social environment of individual freedom, employment for life never worry, once the face of skinny reality alone, easy to produce a huge psychological gap three is to join their parents; as the backing, adds clout for their "flash.". Many people hold a tolerant attitude towards this phenomenon and think that it is reasonable for graduates to try to find the ideal job. The flow of talent is a normal social phenomenon, however, the flow of health should take place in the occupation development encounter ceiling, personal ability beyond jobs are unable to get better development space, rather than a difficulty goes. To understand an industry and a firm foothold, at least two to three years, no matter from the perspective of family support, life, or personal value and social value perspective, frequent flash speech is not a rational choice. From the career choice, flash speech to a certain extent, and blind employment related. Before the graduates leave school, will respond to future occupation career planning, and fully consider their own strengths, padded short board, avoid have one foot in the workplace but are still looking for the positioning of the embarrassing situation. From the accumulation of experience, repeated flash words will lead to a long period of probation in graduates, is not conducive to the accumulation of professional experience. Graduates into the workplace in a variety of adaptation, the need for a strong psychological endurance, efficient learning ability and hard work to deal with the character, quite a run in period to get the ability to quickly improve. From personal professional credit, in recent years, there are some enterprises will flash speech as one of professional dishonesty, frequent job hopping will have a negative impact on future employment. The occupation has the ideal, the thought has the independent idea, the life has the pursue is not wrong, the rare is how to achieve it step by step. In the early throes of the workplace, the graduates should focus on the long-term, intentions to choose occupation, study.相关的主题文章: