Internet plus Exhibition China (Xi’an) summit held the exhibition industry chamber of Commerce prosp

"Internet plus Exhibition" China (Xi’an) summit held the exhibition industry chamber of Commerce prospects – Beijing new network in Xi’an in August 26, (Yan Wu) "Internet plus Exhibition" China (Xi’an) summit and the Chinese wisdom exhibition summer meeting held in Xi’an 26, conference on "Internet plus" change, change, the change trend of the exhibition industry from around the world more than 600 participants. According to reports, the summit to interoperability, wisdom and win-win "as the theme, the exhibition industry is China on" Internet plus "large-scale special summit, aims to explore the development prospects in the" Internet plus "trend of the exhibition industry. In recent years, the wave of information across the country, big data, cloud computing, Internet and other industries to flourish, the Internet era has entered a new stage." Huang Xiaohua, Deputy Secretary General of the Xi’an municipal government said at the summit, the development of the mobile Internet industry in China has entered an important development node. According to reports, the mobile Internet Interconnection, sharing and win-win ", has become an important factor in the development of exhibition industry, the change of change, will be in the next 5-10 years for the development of the industry to produce significant changes in the pattern. During the meeting, the exhibition industry in the "Internet plus" as the main line, on the wisdom of city exhibition, exhibition venues, exhibition of wisdom wisdom technology and other related topics are discussed. Insiders Yu Yejun believes that the Internet has brought great changes, will not hinder or reduce the exhibition, exhibition mode will only reform and development space, and promote the development of the exhibition industry fundamentally, from the core value of all aspects of the exhibition is better. Xi’an as the "The Belt and Road" an important center of the city and the city to create a smart node, this city as the goal, to promote the development and prosperity of the city. The summit organizing committee secretary general Zhu Liwen said the summit opened a new era China exhibition industry "Internet plus", as Chinese from developing country exhibition exhibition powers to increase an important force. (end)相关的主题文章: