Interchange Yezhi Lake North ramp today open before the Spring Festival next year completed-dxperience

Interchange Yezhi Lake North ramp today open before the Spring Festival next year completed A ramp: right under the bridge to Optics Valley Luo Shi road. B ramp: Cultural Avenue bridge to Baishazhou bridge. C ramp: Optics Valley bridge to cultural avenue. D: Luoshi South Ramp turn right onto the bridge to Baishazhou bridge. J Lane: Optics Valley Baishazhou bridge straight. The reporter Zhang Chi correspondent Wang Simin reporter Zhou Di map from today, Wuchang is located in the North (near the interchange Yezhi Lake Luoshi south side) 4 ramps, will be opening up. This also means that, since the semi closed transformation, brought together for up to 4 months of vascular obstruction clearance, will be part of the mitigation of congestion in Wuchang to Jiangxia. In addition, after the transformation of the original interchange, vehicle traffic efficiency will be greatly improved. The implementation of the "bypass" rule blocking as the third ring road connecting Optics Valley and baisazhou transportation hub between Wuchang and Jiangxia, as well as the connection channel, interchange Yezhi Lake in recent years, the traffic flow is increasing year by year, frequent congestion. Previously, interchange Yezhi Lake in accordance with the "input structure of main line viaduct + ground Island Sanhuan" use, the other at the ends of the three link near the white sandbar and Optics Valley, each equipped with a pair of upper and lower bridge ramp. But as traffic increases, the roundabout capacity low revealed. The owner of city investment group responsible person said, in order to completely solve the "vascular obstruction" at the beginning of this year, the municipal government plans to "reinvent the bypass" on the overpass, the May 6th renovation project officially launched, first get rid of the existing two pairs of upper and lower bridge ramp, ramp to re build 8 the direction of the formation of a full interchange at the same time, the existing 6 shares of two straight lane, widened to 10 shares, solve the existing congestion. On the north side of this all to restore access to 10 o’clock yesterday morning, the Wuhan evening news reporter on the scene saw the Xinye Zhi Lake interchange, 4 ramps in the North has been completed preliminary asphalt paving, a small number of workers is to paint the fence, the whole bridge with the traffic conditions. But because the previously taken semi closed, from Wuchang to Jiangxia, the only vehicle straight, plus 2 shares reduced to temporary Lane Lane, traffic congestion has been routed to the Yezhi Lake bridge. "This kind of congestion is common in the first 4 months, but it will be eased from Tuesday." Construction side of the construction of the international project manager Lu Bing told reporters that from today, is located on the north side of the ramp 4 will be fully open. This also means that, from the right Luoshi South Sanhuan to the direction from the direction of Optics Valley Baishazhou, Third Ring Road, turn left to cultural Avenue, from the direction of Optics Valley Third Ring Road and turn right to Luoshi Road, turn left on the road from culture to three direction 4 Baishazhou vehicles can go directly to the ramp. Two lane between Luoshi South Avenue and culture, from the original 4 lane, 6 Lane widening into a temporary. Wuchang city block before the Spring Festival next year eased Lu Bing said, straight channel on Luoshi South Road and culture continue to broaden the next. Expected in November this year, the straight lane will be fully completed, to achieve two-way 10 lane. In addition, shi.相关的主题文章: