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In the financial sector oil blood 13 billion   the central enterprises to join the circle of friends — energy — original title: Petroleum financial sector "blood" 13 billion central enterprises to join in the business circle of friends by low oil prices dragged down the case, Chinese Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CNPC) opened the financial sector listed and the "blood" of the road. For the first time exposure of the Kunlun financial department performance is not optimistic, even so, this drama is behind the central enterprises alliance, and is known as the "Queen of mining investment community" social capital support. In September 5th, *ST jichai (000617.SZ) disclosure of financial assets in the oil route listing and financing given by the specific program. In the financial assets of 75 billion 509 million yuan at the same time replacement maneuvers, *ST jichai also to build capital, aerospace information, China Hangfa 10 object set by the fund-raising not more than 19 billion yuan, of which 13 billion yuan will be used to the Kunlun Department of financial institutions to increase. On the other hand, the financial sector in the oil business performance for the first time full disclosure, the net profit of the Bank of Kunlun in 2015 the focus plate fell 14.3%, while the contract of the injection of financial assets in the capital premium income of more than 70% are from the oil Department of affiliated enterprises. Even so, the increase in access to oil in many of the central enterprises "circle of friends" partner behind, to set up a fund of risk investment of state-owned capital (hereinafter referred to as the country near fresh investment fund) and Chinese Hangfa were among them. In addition, the investment community has been known as the "Queen of mining", "the most busy independent director Wang Xiaobin by high-energy capital involved. The Bank of Kunlun won the 5 billion 850 million "blood" in April this year, PetroChina’s *ST jichai proposed reorganization suspension. The evening of September 5th, the specific program in the oil financial assets into *ST jichai finally released, *ST jichai intends to set out the assets (the original price of 462 million yuan), held in the capital in the oil group into 100% stake (at a price of 75 billion 509 million yuan), the difference in part by the company to the oil group issued 6 billion 985 million shares and paid 6 billion 36 million yuan in cash to buy. At the same time, *ST jichai shares to 10.81 yuan to build capital, aerospace information, Chinese Hangfa, Beijing gas, the state-owned capital investment fund risk, Taikang asset, the energy industry fund, CSCL, CITIC Securities and China gold card 10 investors in non-public offering of 1 billion 757 million shares of A shares to raise matching funds, the total amount of funds not more than 19 billion yuan. In accordance with the scheduled increase plan to raise funds for the Bank of Kunlun, Kunlun financial leasing and Kunlun trust capital increase 5 billion 850 million yuan, respectively, $1 billion 170 million, $5 billion 940 million. Thus, the oil financial sector to get nearly 13 billion yuan cash blood". Reporters noted that the disclosure of the assets to be placed in the audit report, finance and the Bank of Kunlun for the two plates in the greatest contribution to the performance of the injection of assets, and the Bank of Kunlun in 2015 net profit of 2 billion 957 million yuan, down 14.3% compared to 3 billion 450 million last year. In addition, 5 months before the 2016 Italy insurance for loss. In addition, in the oil system相关的主题文章: