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In the end there is no human "sixth sense" — science and technology — original title: human in the end there is no "sixth sense" "sixth sense" can be said to be human in addition to taste, smell, touch, vision and hearing the 5 basic feeling, sixth kinds of feeling exists. Speaking of a "sixth sense", it seems that people feel people tend to link it to mystery of mysteries, and mysticism and supernatural ability together. So, the sixth sense is true? Whether it is a supernatural ability or can be explained by science? Speaking of a "sixth sense" always let a person feel the mystery of mysteries. Recently, from Maryland NIH neuroscientist Bauman found a "Piezo2" gene control of human body for their own position in space perception, namely proprioception, which can be said to be human in addition to taste, smell, touch, vision and hearing the 5 basic feeling, sixth kinds of feelings the. But this "sixth sense" in science is a little different from what we usually think. The sixth sense in people’s mind is always associated with mysticism and supernatural power. In the end what is the sixth sense, the "sixth sense" in the end is not true? "It depends on how you define the sixth sense." Beijing Normal University brain and cognitive science research institute postdoctoral Bu Yong said, "sixth sense" the oral argument is very general, it includes many segments, such as intuition, hunches, telepathy and so on, can not be generalized. Some of the so-called "sixth sense" is not some mysterious special abilities, but there is a scientific basis or physiological constraints, the concept of some segments, such as intuition, by a large number of scientists with strict scientific experiments to study and prove. "After all, science is to disprove" some "sixth sense" has not been tested, but not supernatural ability can not easily conclude. Intuition is a kind of incomplete cognition? People sometimes feel like: feel the wrong things or situations, but not precisely what has changed, people often encounter this kind of situation will be attributed to love "sixth sense". Ronald, a Canadian psychologist, once conducted an experiment. He found 40 volunteers and divided them into two groups. The volunteers were asked to watch a series of images flashed on a computer screen, each image on the screen for about 14 seconds, then replaced by a short blank screen. There was a slight difference between the image of the first group of volunteers, and the images of the second groups were similar. The results showed that there were 12 people in the 504 tests in the first group of volunteers, there are 82 reports that before they can confirm the image of what happened, would have felt the image changed, this is a bit like we said by intuition. This is not what we call intuition, but it is a deep sense of the human visual system that can detect that something has changed相关的主题文章: