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Before August of this year, Moutai group liquor produced 69 thousand and 400 tons of aggregate annual sales income of 43 billion 600 million yuan – Beijing, Beijing, September 9 Guiyang Xinhua (reporter Zhang Wei) reporters learned 9 from the Kweichow Moutai press conference held in Guiyang, January to August this year, Moutai liquor group completed the production of 69 thousand and 400 tons, an increase of 25%. Among them, Moutai wine 36 thousand and 800 tons, to achieve sales revenue of 30 billion 800 million yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of 15%, profits of 16 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 6.67%. At the same time, the Moutai group Kweichow Moutai series of wine and wine exports grew 12.9%, earning $110 million, the new development of overseas 10 distributors, including The Belt and Road along the country 8. Guizhou Moutai Group Chairman Yuan Renguo said at the meeting, Moutai’s growth this year has a "eight highlights": economic indicators over – completion, profitability increased significantly, industry and finance simultaneously synergy force, brand influence significantly enhanced, Moutai shares continue to break the record. For this year’s performance, Yuan Renguo said, "we can be sure that Moutai group will create rare growth performance in recent years, and bring more positive impact on the recovery of the liquor industry."." He said, Moutai group broke through the year to complete the added value of 39 billion 800 million yuan, sales income of 43 billion 600 million yuan, total profit of 23 billion 100 million yuan task, no suspense. Yuan Renguo said, Guizhou Moutai plans to launch about 3000 tons of Moutai from September to December, but predict that in the next few months, "Moutai wine fever" will continue to heat up, the situation of short supply is temporarily difficult to alleviate. (end)

今年前八月茅台集团产白酒6.94万吨 料年度销售收入436亿元-中新网   中新网贵阳9月9日电 (记者 张伟)记者9日从贵州茅台在贵阳举行的新闻发布会上获悉,今年1月至8月,茅台集团完成白酒产量6.94万吨,同比增长25%。其中,茅台酒3.68万吨,实现销售收入308亿元(人民币,下同),同比增长15%,利润164亿元,同比增长6.67%。   同期,贵州茅台集团的茅台酒及系列酒出口总量同比增长12.9%,创汇1.1亿美元,新发展海外经销商10家,其中“一带一路”沿线国家8家。   贵州茅台集团董事长袁仁国会上表示,茅台今年以来的成长共有“八大亮点”:经济指标超额完成,盈利能力大幅上升,产融并举协同发力,品牌影响明显增强,茅台股票连破纪录。   对于今年业绩,袁仁国称,“我们可以确信,茅台集团今年将会创造近年来少有的增长业绩,给整个白酒行业的复苏带来更多正向影响。”他说,茅台集团突破全年完成增加值398亿元、销售收入436亿元、利润总额231亿元的任务,已无悬念。   袁仁国说,贵州茅台计划在9月至12月向市场投放约3000吨茅台酒,但预测未来几个月,“茅台酒热”将继续升温,供不应求的状况短期内暂难缓解。(完)相关的主题文章: