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Advertising Success of pay per call is dependent on 3 most important factors, which are impressions, clicks and conversions. With the amalgamation of these three factors the PPC campaign can effectively increase the ROI. In order to achieve success a right keyword bid strategy must be implemented. Searching the high traffic keywords related to business, bidding them and using them effectively to promote and generate leads forms the basics of keyword bid strategy. According to the research made by Google, its been proved that credit for maximum conversion goes to mobile users. Consumers are smart and search for what they need on mobile internet, where specific keywords leads them to the related landing page. By easily clicking the desired product or service the purchase is done or the .pany professionals contact for providing assistance. The concept of PPC is based on impressions, clicks and conversions. Marketers are able to track the campaigns success by calculating the call generated by per impression, click and conversion. What is the right keyword bid strategy? Keywords are the unique terms that are highly searched on the search engines by the users in finding information matching their requirements. Google has introduced the Google analytics for searching the best targeted keywords as per particular business. Advertiser can make a bid on a high ranking keyword by paying a nominal amount for using it for ranking specific link. To ensure the bid is made on exact keyword, a deep analysis of website is required. For example: for a digital marketing .pany, the best keywords to bid are as digital marketing in (location), SEO services, PPC campaigns, SMO packages and much more. By focusing the exact keywords for pay per call campaign, every user visiting the landing page can be converted to lead. The process of pay per call has witnessed a noticeable change with the emergence of more .petitors to online marketing. In such .petitive business age, the advertiser must aim to plan a strong keyword strategy and target potential audience to generate quality leads. Conversions are more specifically related to impressions and clicks. Marketers need to act smart if they dont want to face a loss in the future. The keywords must be included in the content of the landing page and the source code, so the Google crawlers are able to search them and display in the result. Impressions indicate that users are visiting the landing page. As the rate of visitors increases, automatically clicks will be more and conversions can be easily recorded. Hence, its right to say a rich keyword is the key to success of pay per call campaign. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: