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Hyperloop One to refinance $50 million will carry out comprehensive testing technology Tencent [editor’s note] according to foreign media reports, said on Hyperloop One super high iron company headquartered in Losangeles, the company has completed a $50 million financing, and plans to make final preparations for the first quarter of 2017, a comprehensive test of super high speed railway system. In simple terms, the Hyperloop design of One super high speed rail requires a maglev capsule carriage transporting personnel and cargo in the vacuum pipe, and the vehicle maximum speed can reach 750 miles per hour (about 1200 kilometers per hour). It is reported that the concept of Hyperloop One is the first by the Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) presented in a white paper document in 2013, he was in Losangeles to San Francisco is expected to be shortened to 30 minutes by car. The latest news that Hyperloop one’s latest round of financing investment including Dubai port group (DP World Group), after this round of financing, the total financing Hyperloop one so far has reached $160 million. Moreover, the Dubai World Port Group CEO will also join the Hyperloopone board of directors after this round of financing. It is worth mentioning that the company in August this year has just signed with Hyperloop One plans to build a super high speed rail system protocol, in order to more efficient container from the United Arab Emirates the Jebel Ali port in Dubai (Port ofJebel Ali) moved to Dubai inland port. Dubai ports world CEO Sultan – Ahmad bin Rajem (SultanAhmed Bin Sulayem) said: "Hyperloop One developed a new, safe and efficient mode of transportation, we are optimistic about its future. As a global port company, we look forward to the introduction of this technology." It is reported that, Hyperloop One had previously received financing from 137 Ventures, Khosla Ventures, the FrenchNational Rail Company and GE Ventures and other companies. Uber former CFO Brent – (Brent Callinicos) was recently appointed Hyperloop OneCEO Rob – Lloyd (Rob Lloyd) and the board of directors of a full-time consultant. It is necessary to point out that Hyperloop One senior vice president George – O’neal (George O’Neal) said not long ago in Shanghai, Hyperloopone in China landing plan, and there are already four companies to cooperate with. However, at present, no one in the world has successfully developed the so-called "super high speed rail" system.相关的主题文章: