Hunan provincial public service vehicle from October spray unified sign accept

Hunan province’s official car in October to accept the supervision Changsha net spraying unified logo news September 23rd (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Liang Meilan) Hunan provincial bus reform, cancel the 119 provincial Party and government organs bus 2108 (accounting for 47% of the total), reserved bus 2407. How to deal with the bus and bus reservations to cancel the good management, one of the designers, in the view of Hunan vehicles have changed the program of state-owned assets management at the Provincial Government Offices Administration Director Deng Dongliang, is a "breaking" and "building" combined process. The day before, the Provincial Government Offices Administration announced the "provincial bus purchase flow chart, a new car to purchase requisitions and also to go through numerous examination and evaluation to find out the foundation shall be approved. The bus next month will begin spraying unified logo, accept the supervision of the whole society. Finally, hundreds of cars "retired" bus after the national day shoot "now the remaining more than 100 car disposal bus for auction, but also take two." In September 21st, Deng Dongliang told reporters. It is understood that the provincial bus reform disposal vehicle will be in the National Day holiday to carry out shortly after the thirteenth auction last, forty or fifty police cars in the online auction. It is reported that Changsha city bus will also open the first car disposal shot in mid October. Other city states will also continue to carry out the auction disposal bus. In September 2014, Hunan to start the bus reform, the establishment of provincial official car reform leading group, formulated the "Hunan province official car reform overall program" "Hunan province provincial Party and government official car reform implementation plan" and "Hunan province provincial Party and government official car reform vehicle disposal plan" and other supporting documents. In March 2016, the "Hunan provincial organs of the use of official vehicles management measures" issued. At present, the city has been steadily advancing reform. "Nationwide, Hunan’s reform progress is not the fastest, in the middle level, but it is the most solid, the ‘broken’ out of sync with the" vertical "." Deng Dongliang said, "early in the reform plan at the beginning of the study, we have embarked on a new case of synchronous bus use management approach." The future is expected in the mobile phone APP has sent a car to the nearest bus reform in Hunan, in the stage of the new system of "Li", do advance planning. In addition, the bus purchase strict examination and approval, supervision and management of information on the bus, Hunan will soon launch new measures. Reporters from the Provincial Government Offices Administration learned that the bus next month will begin spraying unified logo, accept the supervision of the whole society. "Plan to be completed at the end of October at the provincial level for the bus spraying, completed before the end of the year." Deng Dongliang said. "The bus will run completely in the sun and the people under the eyes, once found Gongjusiyong, mess with the bus, the bus can be reported to the competent departments of discipline inspection departments." Deng Dongliang said. At the same time, Hunan also began to be the province of all the bus into a unified management system. The Provincial Government Offices Administration is developing bus management platform, computer and mobile phone based on the future application, scheduling, use and supervision of the bus can be efficiently realized in this platform.

湖南全省公务车10月起喷涂统一标志 接受监督   红网长沙9月23日讯(潇湘晨报记者梁美兰)湖南省直公车改革,取消掉119个省直党政机关的公车2108辆(占总量的47%),保留公车2407辆。如何处理好取消的公车和管理好保留的公车,在湖南车改方案的设计者之一、省机关事务管理局国有资产管理处处长邓东亮看来,是一个“破”与“立”结合的过程。   日前,省机关事务管理局公布了“省直公车购置流程图”,一张新车购置申请单,亦要经过重重审查、评估“摸清底子”后方能获批。全省公车下月将开始喷涂统一标志,接受全社会监督。   最后百余辆“退役”公车国庆前后拍完   “现在还剩下100 多辆处置公车待拍卖,还拍两场。”9 月21日,邓东亮告诉记者。   据了解,省直公车改革处置车辆将在国庆假期后不久开展最后的第13场拍卖,有四五十辆警车在网上公开拍卖。据悉,长沙市车改处置公车也将在10月中旬开启首拍。其他市州的处置公车也将陆续开展拍卖。   2014年9月,湖南启动公车改革工作,成立了省公务用车制度改革领导小组,制定了《湖南省公务用车制度改革总体方案》《湖南省省直党政机关公务用车制度改革实施方案》以及《湖南省省直党政机关公务用车制度改革车辆处置方案》等配套文件。2016年3月,《湖南省省直机关公务用车使用管理试行办法》出台。目前,各市州的车改也在稳步推进。   “从全国范围来看,湖南的车改进度不是最快的,处于中等水平,但却是最为扎实的,实现了‘破’与‘立’的同步进行。”邓东亮介绍,“早在车改方案制定之初,我们就同步着手新情况下公车使用管理办法的研究。”   将来有望在手机APP上实现就近派车   湖南的公车改革,在新制度“立”的阶段,做到了超前谋划。除了公车购置、审批的严格把关,在公车的监督和信息化管理上,湖南也将很快“上马”新措施。   记者从省机关事务管理局了解到,全省公车下月将开始喷涂统一标志,接受全社会监督。“计划10月底完成省本级公车喷涂,全省争取在年底前完成。”邓东亮透露。   “公车将完全在阳光和民众的眼皮底下运行,一旦发现公车私用、公车乱用的行为,可向纪检部门、公车主管部门举报。”邓东亮说。   与此同时,湖南也开始着手将全省所有的公车纳入统一的管理系统。省机关事务管理局正在开发基于电脑和手机的公车管理平台,将来,公车的申请、调度、使用和监管都可在这个平台上实现高效管理。   目前机关派车,基本上是以传统的派车单方式进行,申请人必须到单位填写车单还要给领导签字。邓东亮介绍,这个平台运行之后将有望实现手机APP上申请、批车、派车,“基于卫星定位,甚至可以实现向申请人调派出离他最近的车辆,节约时间也提高了工作效率”。相关的主题文章: