Hunan Ningxiang County, 12 public officers are accountable for

Hunan Ningxiang County, 12 public officers are accountable for drug-related original title: Hunan Ningxiang County, 12 public officers drug-related strict accountability of Xinhua News Agency Changsha November 9th news (reporter Liu Liangheng) Hunan Ningxiang County Commission for Discipline Inspection 9, informed of a number of public officials drug-related typical case, 12 local public officers because of drug abuse, drug trafficking was sternly asked while a few public officials accountable, do not repent, several drugs seized by public security organs. Informed that, in September 22, 2014, Ningxiang Huaminglou town government safety management service center in the county forest money residential room taking drugs, the public security organs to be seized on the spot. In November 2014, Huaminglou Town People’s government give money Lin dismissal. In September 2015, Huaminglou town Party committee to give Lin money two years probation. In January 11, 2016, Lin money again for taking drugs methamphetamine and Ma old mixture, was seized by public security organs. In August 2016, Huaminglou town Party committee to give Lin money expelled from the party. In August 2014, Ningxiang County Yu Tan Street Office of comprehensive management office cadres Xiong Chunshan because of drug use by the public security authorities ordered community treatment. In December 10, 2015, the bear in the County mountains inside a hotel room, again taking drugs Magu and methamphetamine mixture, seized on the spot by the public security organs, forced isolation treatment for two years. In January 2016, Yu Tan Street Party committee to give Xiong Chunshan expelled from the party; in April 2016, Yu Tan Street office to give Xiong Chunshan the dismissal process. Some public officials involved in drug trafficking. From 2014 to 2015, Ningxiang county highway road maintenance service center staff in Wen Bin County in several drug trafficking, by the public security organs for investigation, and in February 3, 2016 by the county people’s court sentenced to fifteen years. May 2016, Ningxiang County Highway Bureau to give Wen Bin expelled. In addition, there are Ningxiang County Transportation Bureau Highway Management Station of Ningxiang County disease prevention and control center staff, staff Zhou Junmin Chen Shifang, Ningxiang County Radio and television workers Yu Tieying, cross city Ningxiang County town of Tan Hill Primary School Teacher Fu Mai super 9 people were taking methamphetamine, ketamine, methamphetamine by Party discipline, disciplinary action. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: