Hui ball technology was asked to disclose the investigation to avoid misleading investors-ca1806

Hui ball technology was asked to disclose the investigation of matters to avoid misleading investors to form the Phoenix Financial News on August 25th, the Shanghai stock exchange requires the disclosure of the investigation of the ball technology. The Shanghai Stock Exchange had issued a notice that the wisdom of science and technology information disclosure management has a major flaw, the alleged disclosure of major information has not yet disclosed, may mislead investors. August 19th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, said that if the wisdom of the ball technology can not implement the rectification requirements for a long time, the company will study the implementation of other risk warning stocks, that is, the need for ST treatment. On the road of standardized management of listed companies, fair letter phi, Hui ball technology (600556, SH) seems more and more biased. Through the qualification of car business is suspended over the letter, did not implement the relevant regulatory requirements by the SSE start disciplinary procedures after the evening of August 18th, the SSE issued "on the implementation of the suspension of the bulletin" of Hui ball technology stocks, which exposed the announcement of Listed Companies in the stock it was leaked in advance, the upper contact is not all sorts of things. A suspected announcement leaked ahead of a listed company supervision (hereinafter referred to as the supervision department) pointed out in the report, August 17th after the close of business, through the information disclosure system to be released the announcement from the Ministry submitted. After the audit, the supervision of a piece of advice, requiring the company to verify whether the relevant matters relating to related transactions, whether to fulfill the general meeting of shareholders decision-making procedures. But the company did not modify the regulatory requirements, the announcement has not been released. However, the evening of 17, the main content of the aforementioned announcement in the Eastern wealth network shares appear. After verification, the stock it appears the main content of the announcement and the wisdom of ball technology through the aforementioned business system to submit the material completely consistent.相关的主题文章: