Hubei provincial government issued a notice do a good job in disaster

Hubei provincial government issued a notice: good weather disasters prevention work in the office of the Hubei provincial government recently issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to seriously implement the provincial leadership instructions, solid job may appear in the winter weather to work, to minimize the loss and impact. According to the meteorological analysis, expected in Hubei province this year, the average winter temperature close to the year slightly low, the process stage of the snow and was frozen, the coldest period may appear in the mid to late 1 and early February, the extreme minimum temperature of -9 DEG C, North -10 South -6 DEG to -7 DEG C. This year, affected by the strong El Nino event, Hubei province suffered a continuous low temperature rain and continuous rainfall, loss of the majority of Hubei province local agriculture, transportation, electricity, housing, water supply and so on, is still in the stage of comprehensive disaster relief. Notification requirements, the meteorological departments should do a good job monitoring, forecasting, early warning weather process, improve the accuracy of prediction; agricultural departments should strengthen guidance services, to ensure the steady development of agricultural production in winter; forestry departments should do a good job of seedling freeze proof, disaster recovery and other technical guidance, guidance and urge all to carry out self-help, replanting etc.. For this year’s housing collapse, severely damaged without shelter and located in hazardous area personnel, civil affairs departments should be included in the scope of relief in life, to provide temporary shelter, food safety and other supplies, to ensure safety, warm winter. The circular pointed out, to learn lessons in 2008 to combat the frozen snow, public security, traffic departments should further improve the emergency plan. Especially for the Spring Festival timely deployment of capacity to shovel snow and ice, road wrecker, protection of passenger safety, prevent passengers stranded. Education, electricity, environmental protection, fire and other departments to carry out security risks investigation, improve the ability to quickly deal with emergencies. Water supply, gas supply, heating, communications and other units to do a good job in the investigation of infrastructure inspections, once the fault, we must seize the organization repair. To strengthen the market supply and monitoring of grain, oil, meat, vegetables and other supplies. The notice also requires all localities and departments should strictly implement the 24 hours on duty with the class system, leading cadres personally with the class, on duty on the job. In case of emergencies and emergencies, timely disposal to minimize casualties and property losses, to ensure safety and stability. (reporter Wang Wei)相关的主题文章: