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HUAWEI P10 spy shots: U antenna with fingerprint recognition technology, ultrasonic – Sohu recently, HUAWEI has just launched a new flagship Mate 9, on the company’s P series of the next generation of new machines P10 spy has been exposed on the network. Although named P10, but in fact it is only the seventh generation of the P series flagship product. This year’s P9 will be equipped with Leica double photo, then next year’s P10 will bring? According to spy, it may be P10 engineering machine. The positive ancestral black side completely disappeared, the border is very narrow, and the use of positive fingerprint identification design, but seems like no groove hole type ultrasonic fingerprint recognition similar to millet 5S. The back of the machine is still a pair of Leica cameras, and is the same size, you can guess is two pixels of the same camera, and this is not a small gap between P9. But what is surprising is that the aircraft was actually similar to the iPhone 7 U antenna design. The configuration, according to GFXBench exposure information, P10 model or LON-L29, will be equipped with 5.5 inches 2K resolution screen, equipped with kylin 960 processor, there may be 4GB+64GB, 6GB+128GB, 6GB+256GB multiple memory version, 8 million pixels + double 12 million pixel camera, support NFC. If the construction machine is true, the main highlights of the machine may include Kirin 960, a new generation of Leica double shot, no hole ultrasonic fingerprint identification, and the iPhone like U like antenna with the. I do not know whether the price will rise, foreign media speculation that it will be officially released in the second quarter of next year, no accident is April. How do you think this new flagship HUAWEI?相关的主题文章: