HUAWEI mate9 Samsung apple hanging, there are so many black technology behind the Sohu of science an

HUAWEI Mate9 Samsung apple hanging, there are so many black technology behind – Sohu technology Texun November 11th news: HUAWEI Mate9 is the domestic high-end flagship this year fully deserve this product, excellent design, innovation and function with respect to the Mate8 have a qualitative leap, and the four big black & new Samsung apple is over 1 the second generation second generation dual camera dual Leica Leica camera is undoubtedly one of the biggest part of the machine, which uses a combination of black and white 12 million color +2000 million lens on the camera, support OIS optical image stabilization, the use of 4 in one mixed focus, depth of ISP built-in SoC, 2 optical zoom better than iPhone 7 Plus. From our more than the total release of the photo proofs, really be not of the common sort. 2.SUPER CHARGE super fast charging HUAWEI Mate9 not only has 4000mAh large capacity and high density lithium battery, battery life is absolutely leverage, in the charge, HUAWEI joined the 3.5-5V 5A super fast charging for it, charging 20 minutes a day can be used, but also has 5 heavy security, charging never McVeigh Samsung note7. 3 as the flagship processor Hass kylin 960 new, 960 CPU compared to 950 kylin energy made up 15%, GPU energy increased by 20%, 180% increase in graphics capabilities, improve the performance of DDR 90%, encrypted file read and write performance 150%. Kylin in GFXBench 960 run after the first row of the apple A10 processor, and has seckill Xiaolong 820 processor. 4.EMUI5 EMUI 5 is based on the depth of the development of the Android 7, HUAWEI claims 90% users of the common operations, can be completed within 3 steps, with the support of Learning intelligent system Machine original, HUAWEI proud called Mate9 18 months of continuous use will not caton. [Dong Jingsheng]: commissioning editor相关的主题文章: