Huaqiang North 10 yuan before the end of the first year of the VR box at the beginning of winter-vidown

Huaqiang North 10 yuan before the end of the first year of the VR box at the beginning of winter? Every reporter Meng Qingjian this year, has been the investment community and the industry known as the first year of VR. Recently, the founder of the VR tide Facebook founder Zuckerberg talked about spending $2 billion on the acquisition of the Oculus team, the tone of the decision some regret. "We spent a lot of money to buy the Oculus team, if we can create a better professional technology and developed in-house, so maybe we don’t need to mergers and acquisitions, as an executive director of the task is not to do these crazy things." Another message is associated with the storm technology VR business layoffs storm, the once hot VR industry in a bustling after entering the reflection phase. The VR A shares have led to the concept of virtual reality out of the wave of change but surge high and sweep forward market, will increase to cross in May this year, the attitude of regulators, the valuation of the expansion of the VR industry quickly discouraged". Recently, the "daily economic news" reporter visited the world’s largest VR wholesale and retail market – Shenzhen Huaqiang North, and some dialogue with PE. After fresh subsided, Huaqiang North of the VR market and the Pearl River Delta region represented by the VR factory once again fall into the shuffle transformation period, PE also began to examine the VR market breakthrough, entrepreneurs are waiting for the next spring. – Huaqiang North "barometer" road for more than 3 years is about to re open street Huaqiang North Road, along with the Shenzhen Metro Line 7 opened at the same time, while the release of more than 20 thousand square meters of underground commercial space. In October last year, the reporters came to Huaqiang North when VR equipment was all stores the most popular products. The supply and demand of Shenzhen Huaqiang North market is the virtual reality hardware and software, they are generally factory in Dongguan office in the Nanshan high-end office. A noisy environment from India, South America and Africa, colored skin traders and commercial agents negotiate a simple calculator, be in full swing scene. But yesterday, the "daily economic news" reporter once again came here, VR shops have shrunk dramatically, the original mall has become a deserted house racket. "Last September and October, when the height of the Huaqiang North VR box, each product is in short supply, more than 100% of profits, now generally profit rate of less than 10%. A VR box helmet retail price can reach 60 dollars, and now RETAIL $10, profit is only a few cents, a lot of retail agents began not to do this." Manhattan Plaza Huaqiang North an agent Ding Baiwang of the "daily economic news" reporter said. Ding family has a VR Baiwang factory in Shiyan, started VR products last year, this year has begun layoffs. Up to more than and 100 workers, now reduced to 30 people, and then have to transition. On the one hand is the reduction in shipments over the same period last year, more than 20 thousand units per day, and now tens of thousands per month, from short supply to deal with inventory; on the other hand is a decline in profits, and now each box gross profit of $10%.相关的主题文章: