Huang Zitao actually quietly change head! Uniform makeup photos very

Huang Zitao actually quietly change head! Uniform makeup photos very man Huang Zitao quietly head for the Yellow Zitao makeup stunning yellow Zitao station Junzi handsome Sina entertainment news yesterday, the original large national defense education programs "real man" in season second, air force official exposure yellow Zitao article [micro-blog] uniform illumination. Huang Zitao makeup appearance still handsome, face serious, straight in the military style show. Many netizens said "no eyeliner, unload the makeup of Tao Tao is also good, in high spirit uniform teenager was a man", there are friends laugh, "Tao Tao is so serious a bit does not adapt, funny forced boy was transformed into a soldier, stood a strange sense of adorable". In fact, when Huang Zitao finished recording the first phase of the program, at the airport when there are fans found the original habit humpback he actually stood upright, so they have a message "the army is really a good place, want to see the super program group could take him to correct small hump". Not only that, there are fans that Huang Zitao also changed my avatar, replaced the new uniform look, the original mad pull cool ", introduced advanced quality, innovative, unique, fashion, strength, talent, this is my work requirements. I’m not an idol also don’t call me a little meat, because I will prove my strength is not the same! The C-POP Dynasty "to" C-POP Dynasty ", so speculation" is when in the elder brother, so to become introverted?" , I am really looking forward to Huang Zitao’s performance in "real man".相关的主题文章: