Huang Xiaoming had been exposed to depression out of the lift can not start (video)

Huang Xiaoming had been suffering from depression: out of the lift to start [Abstract] Huang Xiaoming revealed that he had in the "Shanghai" during the shooting, as well as "too much" was entangled in the network of violence, suffering from depression. Huang Xiaoming in the "trump card" conference, Huang Xiaoming had to admit depression: set out the words, feeling every day down entertainment Zhuangao (Tencent Wen Chen Yuan photography Xue Jianyu Wang Dong camera) Qiao Renliang depression due to death, not only shocked the entertainment circle, also caused the whole society attention and understanding of depression. Perhaps it is because public opinion gap was opened suddenly, the day before, Huang Xiaoming in an exclusive interview with Tencent entertainment revealed, during myself have been in "Shanghai" and "trouble shooting, because too set by the network of violence during the struggle and suffering from depression. Recall the feelings of his own Frank "out of a feeling will be pointing to the backbone of the curse, lift head". He also had to seek medical treatment, doctors prescribe prescription to relieve depression, but he eventually chose not to rely on drugs, but less work, watch the news, rely on family and friends to accompany each other to get through that time. Finally, the success of "China partner" played into holly, winning, "let your whole leisurely over". Had to go out on the depression that would be pointing to the backbone of the curse, could not lift up the interview, was asked how to stay young, Huang Xiaoming did not answer the unexpected love fitness, or any other body maintenance measures, but replied: good mentality. From here, Huang Xiaoming suddenly opened the chatterbox, recalled his film "Shanghai" during the depression experience. When he was filming "Shanghai", Huang Xiaoming was under a lot of pressure. He told the Tencent that he began to feel depressed when he was filming "Shanghai". Because Xu Wenqiang felt sure than Chow (Zhou Runfa), and because the conditions, not shehei, many things do not have the charm of characters, the script is not good, so the Huang Xiaoming pressure in particular. At the end of this drama is modified by shooting, often change for a long time every day, take a long time, had 4 month schedule, later Huang Xiaoming finally gave the crew 6 months before the completion of the current version. Recalled the scene at that time, Huang Xiaoming said he could not speak at the scene, in the place where he did not know what to do". At that time, his driver almost hit, and his mother called to say, "if you do not come to me, I really can not see." The memory of the process, he pauses for a few seconds, as if the mind back to the past. But Huang Xiaoming did not know that this is the tendency of depression. Until then, he encountered "make too set" storm and height has been questioned, many from the network questioned abuse let Huang Xiaoming out of a panic, "that would be pointing to the backbone of the curse, lift head, the years are like this". He was sure he was depressed. Give up medicine, lay off, and finally by "China partner" out of Huang Xiaoming to see the psychological doctor, the doctor advised him to eat Prozac (an antidepressant drug). He struggled for a long time, feel that there is no need, finally chose not to eat. When it comes to this, Huang Xiaoming paused again into memory, visible.相关的主题文章: