Huang Haibo whoring actress case sued LETV privacy awarded 11 thousand yuan in Beijing oembios.bin

Huang Haibo whoring actress case sued LETV privacy awarded 11 thousand yuan – Beijing for a video content LETV entertainment channel broadcast to Huang Haibo "whoring" event actress Ryu’s personal privacy, Liu LETV to court, request LETV delete the video, issued a statement of apology and compensation for the spirit solatium 500 thousand yuan. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the court of first instance found that LETV LETV infringement and sentenced to pay compensation for mental damages 10 thousand yuan. After both sides refused to accept the decision, appeal to the Beijing City Intermediate People’s court, the hospital recently upheld the original verdict. > > plaintiff LETV privacy should pay 502 thousand and 14 years in May, LETV LETV business entertainment channel has a section entitled "media exposure of a prostitute woman actor Huang: Shenyang has 4 years of degeneration of the video, the video reported:" Huang Haibo "event actress Liu Shenyang man, born in 1987, he met with its already six or seven years, everyone called her snow, and Liu Mouque is a transsexual, transgender has been 4 years, but for women has been 9 years, has no formal work, often active in Shenyang during the last two years at the club, went to Beijing……" Liu found the video, think music company publicly in the video the name, nationality, age and other information relating to personal privacy behavior has seriously violated the privacy and other related rights, and caused great distress and irreparable social impact to their life and work, so the video will be notarized and taken to court LETV requirements on its website to delete the video, issued a statement of apology and compensation for mental solatium 500 thousand yuan and 1000 yuan of evidence preservation fee. > > the defendant promptly delete video no fault in this regard, LETV company argued that the first, Liu mother in the video before Liu name, age, occupation and sex reassignment surgery experience and other information to the public, so this kind of information is not Liu personal secrets, the company has publicly quoted only video information. There is no violation of the privacy act; secondly, LETV as a network service provider, has a legal obligation to do. The content of the video uploaded by users on the site, not the company’s release, the company according to the law to upload the contents of the user has set up the appropriate monitoring and review measures. Liu found the video, and there is no time to send any notice to delete the music as the company, the company received Liu’s prosecution materials have to delete the video, there is no fault, should not bear tort liability. > > the first instance judgment LETV 11 thousand yuan compensation for the court of first instance that the music video involved although the company claims to provide users, but did not submit the relevant information users, there are commercials and music as the company video process, and with the "music entertainment broadcast" and other words, the court on the basis of the existing evidence should be involved in video the music company directly. From the video, the title and content including the victim’s name, place of origin, degeneration of the facts and time, and the whereabouts of personal information, the fact of Liu condemnation effect, and the clinical information相关的主题文章: